Kurdistan Might Be The Fuse To All Out War Against Islam.

A lot of stuff is happening that we’re not paying close enough attention to.

There’s some serious trouble brewing in the Middle East all the way from Turkey to the Palestinian Territories. And it isn’t all about Israel. But Israel will be the pivotal player whether Israel wants to be or not.

The fact that Iran can not be allowed to have nuclear weapons is a forgone conclusion.

The fact that Iraq is falling apart at the seams is also a forgone conclusion.

And that the only part of Iraq that is culturally, militarily, politically and financially stable is in the oil-rich northern area where the Kurds live is also a fact.

Another fact is that the Kurds will likely separate from a war-torn Iraq to form an independent country once Iraq disintegrates. And this FACT is something both the Turks and Iranians can’t live with.

Israel and the USA will sooner rather than later strike at the heart of Iran’s nuclear program. And this isn’t lost on the Islamo-Fascists in Tehran, who are feverishly preparing for this inevitability.

There is no way for the Iranians to deal with an attack from either Israel, the USA, or both, and still deal with their Kurdish “problem”.

The Turks also know that they can’t easily take-on the Kurds without help from their Persian neighbor. And being a NATO country desperate to become a member of the EU, Turkey can’t be involved in a war which openly opposes the USA and Western interests.

So there’s a clock ticking for the Iranians and the Turks to move fast against the Kurds.

Israel has serious interests in both the Kurds and the Turks.

For the Turks who recognize Israel, both countries are equally important to each other, especially to Israel which buys Turkish petroleum while the Turks receive a great deal of its weaponry and training from Israel.

It’s all a nice package until the Kurds are introduced.

But Israel needs the Kurds as a forward base looking into Iran. And the Kurds need the Israelis for weapons, military training, logistics and intelligence.

The covert Kurdish/Israeli relationship is very important to one and another. But perhaps not important enough for Israel to risk losing its long-time relationship with the Turks, even though this relationship is experiencing some serious strain.

So, it seems to be a race.

If Israel whacks Iran before Iran has a chance to gang-up with the Turks to whack the Kurds, the Kurds might not get whacked at all.

But, if the Iranians and the Turks whack the Kurds before the Israelis have a chance to launch against Iran, Iran might be able to avoid being attacked. At least right away.

This is indeed a mess that will be righted only when the good guys (Israel and the USA) take the initiative against the Persians with a first strike.

Or, if the Kurds are sufficiently armed, trained and organized to take-on a joint assault from Iran and Turkey and hold their own.

If the Kurds can beat back, or even hold their own against the Turks and Iranians, Israel will still have the opportunity to open a whole new front against the Persian Evil Empire. It might even be better.

If the Iranians are sufficiently beaten by Israel’s conventional military, and are simultaneously ground into the earth by a determined Kurdish guerilla war, the Iranian government could easily come apart at the seams.

A lot of stuff is happening that we’re not paying close enough attention to; somewhat like the guy on the street corner playing Three Card Monte, where your eyes are constantly focusing on the wrong card.

If this happens as I think it could, this could very well be the beginning of the end of Islam’s current war on the West. Or at the very least, the beginning of an all-out counter attack from the West on Islamo-Fascism.

And to add to this toxic mix:

1- Syria is making threatening gestures to Israel over the Golan.

2- The North Koreans are flexing there military muscle and goading the USA.

3- China’s threat of war against Taiwan if the Taiwanese government declares themselves sovereign is serious.

4- The nut-case (Hugo Chavez) of Venezuela is threatening hell and damnation against the USA.

5- A very shaky President Pervez Musharraf of nuclear armed Pakistan seems to be more interested in hawking his book than running his country.

6- India and Pakistan are once again getting pissed-off at each other.

7- The world movement of Islamo-Fascism throughout the West is nothing to ignore.

8- I won’t even mention the mess we call Africa.

8- The French who are so scared that they support everything they think won’t hurt them.

9- And then there’s the deep political divisions within the West.

In any event, there can’t be this much crap flowing downhill without someone getting very stinky. And unless we deal with it fast and hard, the stink will be on us.

But believe it or not. I’m confident that once this is over and the dust settles, it won’t be us doing the dog-paddle in the sewer of Islamo-Fascist inhumanity.

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  1. Love your editorials, Howard. Unfortunately history repeats itself. The barbarians are at Rome’s gates. Anti-Semitism is becoming “the thing to do” and may be seen as “cool” among the uneducated/brainwashed. The invasion of our southern border it’s the newest tactic of the progressives in their use of “children as victims”. Just as Hamas – the barbarians – is using its children as human shields, our government is using the child invasion of this country to further its current and future causes.

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