Quebec’s Islamist-Type Response To Jan Wong.

Say anything about Islamists or Quebec, and hold onto whatever is secure, because the hurricane of derision will be on the way.

Jan Wong of the Globe and Mail is a former “Anglo” Montrealer, who has invited an enormous amount of criticism for what she wrote about the recent fatal shooting at a Montreal college (Dawson).

In her column, Jan Wong tried to tie the shooting, and two other shootings over a space of many years in Montreal to the Ethnocentric policies of successive Quebec governments.

While it’s true that Quebec’s language laws have driven out about half a million (mostly) English speakers from the province of Quebec, and makes the unrestricted use of the English language illegal, her column really didn’t make any sense, since she didn’t come close to tying Quebec’s anti-English policies to the shooting(s).

But that’s not really the story.

The real story is how Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalists and “Anglo” Quebec apologists reacted to what she wrote. To read and hear the responses to Jan Wong, is to believe that she is the worst person in Canada.

There is no question whatsoever in my mind that Quebec’s anti-English language policies are absolutely repugnant, especially in this day and age, and even more so that they exist on the continent of North America.

And because of this, Quebec is so embarrassed and sensitive to their racist law Bill 101, that any hint of condemnation, especially outside of Quebec is so taboo, that it invites a reaction that borders on hysteria.

Jan Wong was wrong in her analysis. So what? Opinion writers are very often wrong. But that doesn’t mean they deserve the full-blown derision of the state.

Quebec is so far overboard when it comes to their cultural sensitivities, that they also have Ottawa spooked. Imagine, here’s an opinion writer who was lambasted by Quebec’s media, and then for good measure was renounced by Canada’s Parliament.

If that’s not excessive – what is?

A month or so ago, Barbara Kay wrote an article in Canada’s other National newspaper, the National Post, where the headline called Quebec Quebecistan because of Quebec’s predilection for Palestinians, the forces against Israel, draconian language laws, history of anti-Semitism and more.

She too was absolutely pilloried by the French Quebec media and their “Anglo” appeasers. Not as badly as Jan Wong. But not far from it either.

In Barbara Kay’ case, her article had much to do with a massive street demonstration in Montreal supporting the Lebanese and defacto Hezbollah in their recent TERRORIST war against Israel.

Although a great number of demonstrators were of Arab origin, many of them were the usual suspects associated with hatred for Israel and Jews. They included Quebecois Nationalists, Unions, Communists, Anarchists and prominent French speaking Politicians.

Although not terribly prominent, there were Hezbollah flags flying high amongst the demonstrators, even though Hezbollah is considered a TERRORIST group in Canada, which makes it illegal to belong to it.

The reaction to Barbara Kay’s opinion piece reminded me of how Islamists react when the bright light of truth and criticism is shone upon them.

We’ve seen no shortage of outrageous remarks said, written and telecast about Jews, Christians, Anglos, Cartoonists, the Pope, the President of the USA and others. Yet, there’s been no backlash of consequence from these groups and people.

But, say anything about Islamists or Quebec, and hold onto whatever is not secure, because the hurricane of derision will be on the way.

So, to me, the story isn’t about the opinion writers. It is all about the reaction of the subjects of their opinions.

And as far as I’m concerned, the only difference between the way Quebec reacts to criticism and the way Islamists react to criticism is the lack of Quebecois Fatwas condemning the violators to death.

Also, Ethnocentric Quebecers haven’t yet mastered the art of taking to the streets waving their fists, burning people in effigy, stepping on flags, beating their own heads with open hands, or firing Kalashnikovs into the air.

I also don’t believe that Quebec’s ever so chic mademoiselles would ever make that horrible ululating noise with their lips, tongues and cheeks. Ugh! That would be quite a sight.

If Quebec isn’t careful about how they pour-out their emotions over criticism, the rest of Canada and anyone else who happens to notice might draw the conclusion that Quebec isn’t all that far away from Islamist-like dramatics.

Hezbollah flags and all.

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  1. The universities are the hotbeds of left wing and anti Jewish sentiment. I can’t understand why we taxpayers continue to fund these monstrosities of maleducation. Most university level education can be conducted online and the gathering place for radical student activities eliminated. Parents can also save the money for supporting these young people away from home at great expense.
    The gall of student activists to bar speakers such as Ann Coulter, when we taxpayers are the owners.

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