Racial Profiling Is Good And Bad

As far as racial profiling goes: I’m for it and against it. My God, I’m sounding like John Kerry and a host of Liberals.

A good friend of mine (Montrealer Henry Feldstain) came up with a brilliant observation a few weeks ago concerning Affirmative Action and Racial Profiling.

Why is it that when it comes to national security, where the greater population is at risk from a specific group of people, we can not profile them based upon race, national origin or culture, especially when we know that literally every TERRORIST attack is caused by this group?

Yet, at the same time, not only do we NOT have a problem profiling certain races (cultures) for privileged positions, WE ENCOURAGE IT!

If you happen to be a member of a minority group in Canada or the United States of America, not only do you expect to be moved to the head of the line simply because of your race, culture gender, etcetera. You DEMAND it!

This is called Affirmative Action.

But, if you’re pulled out of line because you fit all the racial criteria for someone who is most likely to blow-up a plane, it’s called racism.

Why can racism be good when it offers an unfair benefit to a person of a particular race (minority status), and then be bad when it selects a member of a race that is most likely to murder us?

As far as racial profiling goes: I’m for it and against it. My God, I’m sounding like John Kerry and a host of Liberals.

But I’ll make my position clearer.

I’m for Racial Profiling when it comes to issues of security. And I’m against it when it comes to giving someone un unfair advantage only because of his or her race and minority status.

Racial Profiling is good. Affirmative Action is bad. There you go. That’s more than clear enough don’t you think?

And besides: When someone is chosen over another simply based upon race and minority status, isn’t that discrimination against the other who lost out because he/she wasn’t of the right race or minority status?

How can the Liberals square any of these circles?

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  1. Pres? Obama was probably on one of his many vacations and too busy playing golf to comment on this sad situation. Fox News had an article 2 weeks ago for a short time telling America that Obama’s vacations so far have cost the American Taxpayers 44.7 MILLION DOLLARS in less than 6 years. What a country! What a sad day for America,

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