Osama Bin Laden is Small Potatoes

The Islamic war on the West didn’t start with Osama Bin Laden. And it won’t end with him either.

There are unconfirmed and probably untrue reports of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

But whether he is dead or alive is irrelevant to the war that Islam has declared on the West.

At this juncture, Bin Laden is nothing more and nothing less than a caricature in the conflict, since Islam’s war on Modernity, Democracy and the Infidels has become the banner of Islamic groups everywhere.

In essence, Bin Laden’s best personal days were yesterday. And if he is indeed dead, his death as a fabled martyr and Islamic warrior will be of far greater importance to Islamists as a rallying icon, than just another Moslem outlaw holed-up living in fear.

The Islamic war on the West didn’t start with Osama Bin Laden. And it won’t end with him either. The fact that he has been run-to-ground by coalition troops led by the Americans is more than enough.

In reality, Bin Laden and his immediate brothers-in-arms are done as long as they’re contained. And the moment they try to make themselves more than invisible, will be the day they get to meet the toothless virgins.

My worry is far closer to home than Bin Laden hiding somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I worry about the Islamist who lives next door.

To his neighbors he is a fine guy who is just like us. But, to his co-religionists, Islam and the rule of the Koran is supreme. And that the laws of Sharia are just waiting to become the laws of our land.

And by keeping relatively quiet until Islamic numbers can win them influence and power, we will one day wake up asking ourselves what happened?

Most people don’t want to be alarmists. But I do.

If we don’t worry about what the influence Islam can have on our Western countries, we are blind to what has happened and is continuing to happen in much of Europe, Africa and Asia.

For example: there are whole districts in France, England, Germany, and the Netherlands which are more Moslem than French, English, German and Dutch.

Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet. And the people who are converting to Islam tend to be society’s biggest losers looking for a tribe that will give them the promise of comfort and a sense of belonging.

It is no wonder that so many Islamists are home-grown from established families within our many communities, since Islam reaches out to them in ways none of us “Infidels” could.

I worry about people who are so much in need of belonging, that they sell their souls and minds to Islam in trade for tribal comfort, to the point that we become their enemy.

Osama Bin Laden is really the least of our problems when you measure what he can’t do from his hiding place, compared to what Islamists can do in the countries where we live.

I don’t suggest that we start rounding up our Moslem neighbors.

But I do suggest that we implement severe laws to protect our existing culture. Including the way we govern ourselves.

I suggest that we close our immigration doors to Islamists, to the point that anyone wishing to immigrate to our countries sign a pledge to abide by our Secular laws and refrain from the promotion of any form of their religion outside of their place of worship and home.

I suggest that we make it clear that anyone in our countries who preach hatred of other religions and cultures, who are not from our country be summarily expelled without hesitation.

I suggest that Moslems who are from within our countries be held accountable to hate speech and the dissemination of cultural and religious lies just like all others.

I also suggest that all Mosques and Islamic societies be monitored publicly for what they preach and teach.

To the best of my knowledge, I know of no Churches or Synagogues which use their privileged place within our societies to conspire to overthrow others.

Doing nothing is an alternative that will be our nightmare. Because one day we’ll open our eyes and our country will no longer belong to us.

Then what?

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  1. Shalom Aleikhem Howard

    You must read the book A Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Haunt; you will know where all this Hebrew/Jewish hatred comes from. i am a Messianic Believer and I Pray daily for the nation Israel. The book is available on Amazon.

    aleikhem Shalom

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