The Truth (As I See It) About Moslem Moderates

The Koran is all things to Moslems including the rule of law.

President Bush spoke yesterday (September 19, 2006) at the united Nations. And in his speech, he lauded Iran for its contributions to society.

He also spoke of America’s fondness for the Iranian people, making certain to separate the people from the government.

He said a lot of nice and conciliatory things about Iran, which I won’t bother writing, because they are essentially not true.

Iran is a TERRORIST state which TERRORIZES its neighbors and the entire world.

Iran is a total Theocracy which treats women with no more or less respect than we treat our beloved pets in the West.

Iran is a financier and supporter of international TERRORISM and a threat to global stability.

And Iran is the 21st century Nazi-like State openly declaring itself in favor of wiping Israel (Jews) off the map.

I am sick and tired of hearing about the silent majority of Moslems who have been high-jacked by extremists within their own religion. Including Persian Moslems in Iran.

How does anyone, including George W Bush know that the majority of Moslems are “moderates” and opposed to expanding Islam globally at any cost?

The true answer is that they don’t know.

The only thing we do know for certain, is that Islam has declared war on Modernity and on the West. And from the so-called Moslem moderates there is nothing but calculated silence.

We also know that the Koran teaches all Moslems that it is their absolute duty to convert the entire planet to believe in Islam.

The Koran is not like the Torah or Bible which teaches the history of their respective religions and guides their followers in prayer and belief.

The Koran is all things to Moslems including the rule of law.

One of my clients, who was born outside of Canada, but is nonetheless a Canadian educated Moslem, recently told me that Democracy is a failed concept.

In his world, Islam has all the laws we need with which to govern all nations.

Why pretend to know how to govern ourselves, when in his mind, all of the ways of government are mapped out for mankind in the Koran?

If we live by Sharia, we will live better.

So I have to wonder: if Sharia is the answer for him, where will he stand in a confrontation between Canadian Democracy and Islamic Theocracy?

In his case, I don’t believe that he has the courage of conviction to take a risky stand in either direction. But, that’s just him. What about all the others who are truer believers?

Islam isn’t just another religious belief. To Moslems, it is the ONLY belief which is alive and must be lived everyday.

And unlike other religions, Islam has a pan-national status equal to and surpassing most governments.

A Moslem’s loyalty is first to Islam. Second to the nation Islamists call home.

I would have thought that if there was any single individual on this planet with the type of fortitude needed to stare down Islam, it would be the Pope.

I could not have been more wrong.

The Pope and the Vatican have been doing back-flips to appease Islam.


The answer is simple. Islam, the “Religion of Peace”, has the entire planet scared shitless. Including the Pope.

In this sick real-life drama, I’m watching the reenactment of September 1938, when Europe sold Czechoslovakia down the river to the Nazis in the hope of appeasing an ever growing monster.

And now we’re doing it again with the Moslems.

Ariel Sharon was absolutely right when he told President George W Bush that Israel is not Czechoslovakia. And he will not allow the Jewish people to be sold to appease the Arabs.

At least one country (Israel) sees the world the way it is, and refuses to be blind to history and make-believe.

Every time we in the West excuse Islamic bad behavior, or close our eyes to Islamic outrages, we further empower them and endanger ourselves.

This includes the so-called Moslem moderates who I am certain will be a lot less moderate when push comes to shove and they have to take one side or the other.

I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

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  1. It is with great sadness that I just read of the violence in Paris directed at Jewish businesses and citizens. The world seems to have gone mad, determined never to learn from history. I am Christian and feel we are under attack as well. My thoughts and prayers are with Israel and urge their continuing strength. That tiny country may well be the world’s best hope for a future.

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