Religion of Peace Is Hung By Its Own Petard.

The “Religion of Peace” will kill you if you dare say anything that even suggests that Islam is anything but the “Religion of Peace”.

So the “Religion of Peace” has declared Jihad against the Pope and the Catholic Church because the Pope quoted a 14th century conversation (at a lecture he was giving in his native Germany) between a Christian leader and a Moslem leader during the Crusades and the siege of Constantinople.

The 14th century Christian effectively told his contemporary that Mohammed has brought nothing but pain (evil) to the world by virtue of using war to proselytize Islam.

In response to this statement from the Pope; the “Religion of Peace” has declared war on all-things Catholic. At the very least they DEMAND an apology. At the most, they’ve already begun attacking churches.

And in Somalia, a “model” of Islamic peace, “peaceful” Moslems murdered an Italian Nun in protest.

Remarkably, the Islamists are so ill-informed about religion, that they attacked Greek Orthodox Churches in Gaza and the West Bank.

The fact that these are not Catholic Churches didn’t stop the “Religion of Peace” from firebombing these religious structures.

And you gotta love the Palestinians. It’s not like they don’t have enough misery to worry about without looking for more by firebombing Churches. But I digress.

Isn’t it incredible how these deluded and stupid people so effectively make the case against themselves by their words and deeds.

If you call us violent, we’ll kill you.

If you write a book (Salman Rushdie – The Satanic Verses) questioning Islam, we’ll kill you.

If you publish satiric cartoons about Mohammed, we’ll kill you.

If you suggest that Mohammed led a war against Christendom in order to expand Islam, we’ll kill you.

If you suggest that TERRORISTS are acting in the name of Islam, and that Islam is responsible for their deeds, we’ll kill you.

I imagine by now that you get the drift.

The “Religion of Peace” will kill you if you dare say anything that even suggests that Islam is anything but the “Religion of Peace”.

For the longest time, the Western World has bent over backwards to accommodate Islam and make excuses for its abhorrent behavior.

Our leaders and intellectuals closed their eyes and pretended that deviant Islamic conduct was more of an aberration amongst the few, rather than a fact amongst the many.

They were wrong then. And they are wrong now.

These same Western apologists for Islam blamed Israel for all things evil in the Middle East. Whatever happened between Islam and the Jewish people was always the fault of the Jewish people.

For that matter; whatever happened between Islam and anyone was in their perverse (Leftist, intellectual and anti-Semitic) minds somehow the fault of Israel and the Jewish people.

President George W Bush’s attempt after 9/11 to convince the American people that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”, and that it has been somehow “high-jacked” by extremists is running very thin.

Islam is many things, few if any of them are any good. But what Islam is absolutely not, is a “Religion of Peace”.

I know of no other significant religion in this day and age that threatens the entire world as does Islam.

Wherever you look on this planet. If there is a failed state, internecine sectarian violence, and TERRORISM, it is more likely than not that the word Islam will somehow be attached to it.

And it’s not now and then. It’s every second of every day.

The Pope’s apology for quoting the truth of what was said some 600 years ago, is indeed a huge mistake. Caving into Islam is nothing short of empowerment to the people who should be the least bit empowered.

If what the Pope said in his German lecture results in armed conflict with Islam, it will not be a battle between Christians and Moslems.

It will be the battle between modern Secular humanity and a disgraced religious cancer that is eating away at the world.

If this is the catalyst that finally ignites the confrontation, so be it, since it is long overdue.

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