I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Islam

With Islam as the World Power, the world will end as we know it.

Islam has captured the world and has victimized all of us, whether we realize it or not.

Because of Islam we’ve changed the way we travel. We look suspiciously at even innocent circumstances that seem even remotely out of place. And we worry where and when the next blast will be.

We pay obscene amounts of money for energy, simply because Islam has given the oil producers the perfect excuse to gouge us to death.

The West will spend more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS just to keep Islamo-Fascists from killing us.

Islam has given anti-Semites the approbation they need to spew their verbal filth.

And because of Islam, our young men and women are fighting and dying overseas in a war that should never have been.

Add to this: Islam is buying up our major industries and media giants with the oil money we send to them for every emptied tanker.

Our politicians and electorate have never before been so divided over an issue that is as important as is this war on Islamic TERRORISM which dwarfs all past modern military issues including Vietnam.

The only other events that come close were World War Two and the war against Communism. And even at that, had Hitler won, the Jews and others he wanted gone would be history. But the rest of the world would have carried on as “normal”.

And had the Soviets won, the world would have temporarily fallen into decay. But neither Nazi Europe or the Soviets ever had the level of mass penetration and devotion-to-cause as does Islam.

With Islam as the World Power, the world will end as we know it.

The greatness bestowed upon humanity with the gifts from the Judeo/Christian and Secular world are without bounds. While the gifts of Islam are the tools with which to tear apart what we have achieved.

Equal rights and all of the other rights we cherish in a civilized society governed by the Secular rule of law will disappear. Especially our right to dissent.

We can not afford to allow Islam to win any victories large or small. We can not relent in our war against Islam, not even for one nanosecond, because to lose even a nanosecond is chance for us to lose an eternity.

The Leftists and members of the Politically Correct Clubs within all political persuasions say that Islam has been high-jacked by extremists. They say that Islam is a religion of peace. And they say that our war is against TERRORISTS, not against Islam.


Our war is against Islam which uses TERRORISM to divide and conquer. And to suggest that only a few of the 1.2 BILLION Moslems want to convert the world to Islam is stupidity and ignorance stretched to the maximum.


The other undeniable reality is who declared war on whom.

It was not the West who attacked Islam. It is not Israel who attacked Islam. It is not us who blew up their homes and institutions. It is THEM who have attacked us for no reason whatsoever, other than we are not them.

How can we pretend that all is right with Islam, and that Islam has been high-jacked by a “handful” of fanatics when in stark reality, it is Islam which is trying to high-jack the Free World?

None of us should be blinded by cowards, appeasers, wishful thinkers and ignorance.

We should never surrender or allow ourselves to be vulnerable to Islam. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever!

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  1. I am so sorry this is happening to Israel and the Jewish people all over the world…..this is so wrong on so many levels and needs to stop. This world needs to QUIT catering to ignorant, violent, evil, negative humans….period! When will humans, finally, wake up and stop this insanity!

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