The Wrongness In Inaccurate Docudramas.

To me, the integrity of journalism, even in documentaries and docudramas must be sacrosanct.

A new made-for-television movie will be aired on ABC showing what happened, or perhaps more importantly the things that didn’t happen that led to 9/11.

The movie-makers took authenticity and blended it with speculation and a mix of theatrical license.

This concoction showed things that were never said, or never happened, even though there is no shortage of anecdotal information to more or less keep the theme accurate in terms of end results.

Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s former Secretary of State is up in arms over things the movie portrayed about her. In the ABC story they have Albright saying things she said she never said.

Former President Bill Clinton is so upset at this “misrepresentation”, that he has had lawyers serve ABC.

At the same time, a new theatre movie that is being shown at the Toronto Film Festival shows the assassination of President George W Bush. People are pissed-off with this theatrical sickness too, but I haven’t heard that Bush has sent in the lawyers.

Maybe he should.

The ABC 9/11 movie is based greatly upon information garnered from the many 9/11 enquiries and the official Congressional Commission, but nonetheless makes things up.

And that’s where I draw the line.

In this movie, Clinton and his Cabinet are dealt with harshly for their lack of insight and failure to act against Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. But Bush doesn’t get off with a free ride either.

But that doesn’t change the reality that much of this movie creates situations that didn’t really exist. Therefore; in my opinion, it should not be aired.

If this movie was produced exactly as it is, but with fictional characters instead of using actual people, it would be more than fine. But you can not take events or things said that never happened and attribute them to real people.

To me, the integrity of journalism, even in documentaries and docudramas must be sacrosanct. Therefore, to make things up and then try to pass them off as fact is a slap in the face to the most important guarantor of FREEDOM that we have.

Now that I’ve said all of this. I must also remind you that the Left, who are most upset with this inaccurate portrayal of a true event, had very little problem applauding Michael Moore when he accepted his Academy Award for the same journalistic dishonesty.

This knife cuts both ways.

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  1. ONCE again, your wisdom is spot-on and appreciated as we can again forward out to ALL we know, theses thought wrenching editorials to those not fortunate enuf to know to be on your mailing list! THANKS SO MUCH! Hats off!! xx

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