Quebecistan By Its Own Performance

To read and hear all that they said; Quebec isn’t the least bit anti-Semitic.

On August 9, 2006, National Post writer Barbara Kay wrote a column mentioning Quebec as Quebecistan. In her column, she also wrote of Quebec’s history of anti-Semitism.

For her troubles, Barbara Kay was pummeled by the French press in Quebec, as well as by “Anglo” apologists.

It seemed to me that the responses to Barbara Kay’s opinions were so far over the top, that her critics should look very carefully at themselves in a mirror for their excessive vitriol.

To read and hear all that they said; Quebec isn’t the least bit anti-Semitic. But is in fact a paragon of (culturally diverse) virtue.

Oh Yeah?

I’m not certain of the exact time, but either very late last Friday (August 1, 2006) or very early last Saturday (August 2, 2006), a Montreal Jewish school was firebombed.

The Montreal police refused to call it a hate crime since there was no prior warning, and no post claim of responsibility. They simply called it arson.

What do you think the Montreal police would have called it if it was a Moslem school that was firebombed?

Not that long ago (2004), another Montreal Jewish school was firebombed with substantial damage done. And like last Friday, the Montreal police refused to call it a hate crime.

A couple of years ago, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to address an open forum at Montreal’s Concordia University.

Even though there was a deluge of open threats of violence from the Arab/Moslem community against the speech by Netanyahu, Montreal’s police sent far too few officers.

In newsroom videos broadcast on television, at least one anti-Israel demonstrator stood atop a Montreal police car with the cop passively looking on. The speech was cancelled for fear of extreme violence.

When the city of Montreal was heavily criticized from the Jewish community for its inaction, Montreal’s mayor Tremblay’s response was to attack the Jewish community for its criticism instead of Montreal’s inept cops.

The stories go on and on. But I don’t have to relive not-so-ancient history.

The fact that a Jewish institution was firebombed, and that Montreal’s police would not call it a hate-crime says it all.

Not the firebombing incident in itself, but the official public definition of it absolutely vindicates Barbara Kay, not that she needs any vindication from me or anyone else.

Quebec does indeed have every aptitude to become Quebecistan. And if hearing or reading this opinion bothers Quebecers so much, they should know that it isn’t just one writer, or just one person who is of this opinion.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who e-mailed Anne and myself with their condolences over our loss of Mitzvah (Please see ARCHIVES: An Epitaph For Mitzvah, September 6, 2006).

Letters have come in from all over the world. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

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  1. New York once the happiest City in the world, just came out from a poll as being the Unhappiest city on the Planet. Bloomberg, Cuomo, and the likes have turned the city into a place so far removed from what I remember it to be. Excellent comment, a lot of people will see their reflections in your words!

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