A Thorny Rose By Any Other Name

So what’s with all of this Politically Correct Moslem stuff?

It’s critical that we get definitions right, so we may be able to understand who’s who in the World War that is festering throughout our global society.

When we go to a sporting event such as football, hockey or baseball; all of the players on the same team wear the exact same uniforms with the single exception of their names and numbers.

This way, everyone knows who’s playing for whom.

In the world of Western style politics, politicians don’t wear uniforms, nor do they wear their names and numbers on their backs, but they do identify themselves as being part of a Party.

And if they are not part of an organized Party, they identify themselves as Independents.

So what’s with all of this Politically Correct Moslem stuff?

We all know that just about every global TERRORIST atrocity has been caused by Moslems? But our Media refuses to say so.

Worse: The Moslems are indignant when the Western Media, or a Western politician even makes reference to the attacker being a Moslem, specifically when the attack has been carried out in the name of Islam.

We have been inundated by the Politically Correct Media and political class that the good name of Islam has been high jacked by a few Moslem extremists.

What load of crap, since it’s obvious that wherever you look in the world, Moslems are causing havoc in the name of their religion. Even and especially against their own kind.

Do you think for a second, that any other religion on this planet would receive such white-glove treatment as Islam does?

What would the Media say about Jews blowing up airplanes, buildings, subway tunnels, busses, pizza parlors, shopping malls and whatever else they could target; all done in the name of Judaism?

And what if our Jewish schools indoctrinated Jewish children to hate and kill all non Jews? And that the suicidal death of Jews in the exercise of murder is a fast track to God?

How do you think the non-Jewish world would react to Jews who are hell-bent on mayhem in the name of Judaism, especially if the world Jewish community was more or less complicit in their non condemnation through silence?

If non-Jews were dying each and every day at the hands of Jews, in the name of Judaism, how do you think the Media would react?

If how we travel, shop and live our lives are governed by the real threat posed by Jewish TERRORISTS in the name of Judaism, how would the Media react?

These are all irrelevant questions since we well know the answer. The Media would literally bury the entire Jewish community in written, verbal and televised vitriol.

So why are the Moslems getting this incredible treatment, when in fact they deserve nothing short of our complete derision?

Is it oil? Is it the hundreds of billions of dollars they’ve taken from us with their oil? Is it a worldwide fear that if we stop appeasing they will indeed try to really finish us off?

Could it be that the vast majority of people are just too ignorant of the goals of Islam to see the horror that awaits us down the road, just like the world was too ignorant to see the horror that Hitler would bring upon humanity?

Could it be that civilized people who live by the rules of Secular law just can’t imagine the utter capacity for evil that lurks within mankind?

Or could it be a little bit of all of the above?

I don’t know the answer. But I think I know the conclusion.

Sooner rather than later, the world will be engaged in an all out war against Islam, since Islam has long been engaged in what has been up till now a low intensity war against the non-Islamic world.

We will win any confrontation with Islam once all of the Political Correctness is flushed and the Islamists have given us no other alternative but absolute victory.

But, because of our reluctance to define the threat, there will be a far greater cost for our victory than there would have been had we shone a bright light on Islam as the root-cause for TERROR long ago.

Israel will take on Syria and Iran much sooner than most people believe, simply because Israel has to, to survive.

This could be the trigger that starts it all. And then there will be no question about what is what, and who is who. And by then, “most” people might actually and finally figure out who the really enemy is.

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