The UN And France Versus Israel

Because of the French, Israel agreed to a ceasefire under the falsest of pretences.

The UN is assembling their troops in Lebanon, but only as the Lebanese government directs them to. So, the question that has to be asked is: Who do these UN troops report to?

Or more succinctly: From whom do these UN troops take their marching orders?

Through Kofi Annan, the UN has already made it clear that they will not patrol the Lebanese Syrian border without specifically being asked to do so by the Lebanese government.

So who’s going to make certain that the Hezbollah TERRORISTS are not being resupplied with Iranian and Syrian weapons?

The French (God bless the kings of surrender) have already told Israel in no uncertain terms that Israel has to lift their blockade of Lebanon, which is in place expressly to keep Hezbollah from being rearmed.

So, if Israel doesn’t keep the Iranians and Syrians from arming Hezbollah to the teeth, who will?

All of this coming from a country that initially promised to send 4,000 troops if their terms were met. Then 400 troops after the USA and Israel agreed. And now a couple of thousand troops since they’ve been completely humiliated by their own actions.

Remarkably, after all this crap courtesy of the French, they’re going to lead this joke.

Meanwhile, because of the French, Israel agreed to a ceasefire under the falsest of pretences. And are substantially worse off for it.

Another grim issue with the UN troops is their mandate. They seem not to have one other than to tell Israel what to do and what not to do.

They have made it clear that they will not disarm Hezbollah. Nor will they disband them. So what are they doing there?

And what about the Moslem nations who don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist which Annan wants to be there?

Their hatred for Israel and all things Jewish is no less intense than Hezbollah’s.

I have to wonder what will happen when Hezbollah decides to attack Israel yet again, and Israel attacks back.

Will the French led UN troops with Moslem anti-Semites and Israel-haters as part of their core allow Israel to defend itself? Or will the UN troops open fire on the Israelis?

Since nothing is spelled-out – Everything is possible.

Remember how the French collaborated with the Nazis? What most people don’t know is that the first Nazi Death Camp was set up in Vichy France with the knowledge and support of the French.

And for people with a short memory, France screwed Israel twice on arms shipments it was paid for and then refused to deliver. First with service parts for Israel’s French built Mirage Fighter Jets. And then on the 5 Gunboats France built for Israel and then wouldn’t release after payment was made in full.

France is definitely not the country I would want leading any force on my doorstep if I was Israel.

What happened to Dreyfus not all that long ago in terms of history was not just anecdotal. Very little if anything has changed with the French and their particular form of anti-Semitism, which suits the UN just fine.

Israel’s political and military leadership made as many blunders as one can count in this whole Hezbollah mess. But the two biggest were: Not winning the war. And allowing the UN and France to dictate the terms of disengagement and follow-up security.

As you’ve just read, I don’t like France. I never have. And I REALLY don’t like the UN. So when they work in tandem where the security of Israel is at stake, I like both of them that much less.

But remarkably, I dislike Olmert, Pertez and General Dan Halutz even that much more for putting Israel and the entire Jewish World into this most difficult and untenable position.

It will take incredible NEW leadership in Israel to fix this mess and reestablish Israel’s security. In the meantime, Israel should be prepared for anything, and look upon the French with the derision they so richly deserve.

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  1. Thank you for your commentary. I did not know that Mr. Bloomberg flew to Israel on an Israeli airline. When I read the FAA news yesterday, my “mind wheels” were in high gear. Many tours are scheduled this summer and I was getting Plan B organized mentally. (maybe these groups could fly to Paris, then on to Israel) Was this planned by the White House? I have toured Israel against everyone’s advice. I went anyway and told everyone, I did not know of a better place to be when the End comes.

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