Shame On The National Post.

Since when is it a mortal sin and journalistic crime to have an opinion in Canada?

The Leftists, anti-Semites and apologists for very bad people such as Hezbollah, Hamas and others of their ilk accused Israel of a disproportionate military response for the unprovoked TERRORIST attack on Israel, with the killing of 8 Israeli soldiers, and the kidnapping of two others who for all we know are probably dead too.

Barbara Kay, who writes for Canada’s National Post newspaper, wrote last week under the headline “Quebecistan”, on Quebec politicians who marched in a demonstration in defense of Lebanon.

Amongst the demonstrators were several Hezbollah flags.

In her piece, Kay wrote of two primary issues:

1) Quebec’s support of TERRORIST groups. And that in “HER OPINION”, Quebec could become a TERRORIST haven if Quebec were to ever leave Canada.


Since when is it a mortal sin and journalistic crime to have an opinion in Canada, especially since her purpose at the National Post is to publish her opinion?

2) The other issue dealt with her OPINION of anti-Semitism within Quebec. For this too, she was pilloried as if she had made up something that was not true.

It is incredible that there is such a disproportionate level of attack on Barbara Kay from all sides, including from the National Post newspaper which has published non stop letters rebuking Barbara Kay from people who are anything but fairminded.

Frankly, it is not fair. And more to the point, it shows just how overly-sensitive THESE people are to an opinion that seems to be too close to THEIR home.

As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet – act 3 scene 2: “The lady doth protest too much me thinks”.

I am extremely disappointed in the National Post for publishing letter after letter slamming Barbara Kay for writing her honest personal opinion.

I had expected far more from the National Post other than to hang-out to dry one of their writers, especially when she needs their support more than ever.

The National Post is either with Barbara Kay. Or it is with the mob who wishes to silence opinions with which they do not agree.


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  1. So big shot Bloomberg flying into Israel is news, it’s probably admirable considering the Obama orchestrated ban for American airliners, but he wasn’t alone, there is the crew and a number of other passengers that go unnoticed. I doubt his sincerity, he’s still seeking publicity, no doubt missing the office he held. Obama still has a hand to play. he can deny ordinary US citizens passage to Israel and this is a possibility considering his penchant for pushing against Israel interests.

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