Olmert Would Make Charlie Brown Proud.

That's the story of today's Israeli leadership in a nutshell.

For the longest time (since 1952) in the cartoon series “PEANUTS”, Lucy would tee-up a football for Charlie Brown to kick.

And when Charlie Brown would take his inevitable run at kicking the football, Lucy would pull it away at the very last second, forcing Charlie Brown to fall flat on his ass.

Charlie Brown always knew that Lucy would pull the ball away at the last second. But he hoped so much that she wouldn’t, that he took the run anyway.

That’s the story of today’s Israeli leadership in a nutshell.

In Olmert’s quest to disengage Israel from a war he personally lost for Israel by way of his miserable leadership, he took that infamous run at the proverbial football by engaging the overtly anti-Israel anti-Semitic UN to protect the sovereignty and security of the people of Israel.

Just like Charlie Brown, Ehud Olmert must have known that the UN would pull their proverbial ball in the last second. And just like Charlie Brown, Olmert took his run all the same.

The ink on the UN cease-fire agreement isn’t yet dry, and the deal isn’t worth the paper it was written on.

Since the Lebanese army (or what passes for an army) under the command of the Lebanese government (or what passes for a government) has declared that they will neither disarm nor disburse Hezbollah- who will do it?

France and it’s coalition of Moslem Israel-Haters? So what’s Olmert’s UN deal worth?

In the comics, watching the ever hopeful Charlie Brown take his pitiful run at kicking the ball was sadly amusing. But this isn’t the comics. And for Israel, missing the ball has dire consequences.

In the comics, it’s only Charlie Brown who falls flat on his ass because of his very bad recurring judgement.

In Israel, it’s the entire country who takes the fall with Olmert, Israel’s version of Charlie Brown.

Such is Israel’s tragedy.

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  1. I missed Bloomberg taking El Al (one of my favorite airlines) to Israel, Mr. Galganov. Thanks for stating it; now I have something to like about him. The FAA is “Politically Correct” and this only proves their entanglement with the government. NOT a good thing.

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