Olmert Reduced Israel’s Pledge To That Of Saddam Hussein.


Saddam Hussein swore that he would deliver THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES against the USA, and crapped-out once the shooting started.

Olmert promised to rid Israel and Lebanon of Hezbollah, and crapped-out once the shooting started. A bluff is a bluff no matter from where or from whom it comes.

Ehud Olmert; Israel’s soon to be departed Prime Minister (that is if there is any justice) signed onto a cease-fire deal with Lebanon.

But how so?

How can Israel sign a cease-fire agreement with a country that it is technically not at war with?

Wasn’t the war being waged against Hezbollah TERRORISTS and NOT against Lebanon, even though the vast majority of Lebanese from its leaders on down were all Hezbollah cheerleaders?

And wasn’t the elected Lebanese government supposed to be the outgunned good-guys who wanted to disarm Hezbollah, but for some reason or other over a period of 6 years never got around to doing it?

So, why is Lebanon even mentioned in the cease-fire?

Olmert says that this is a victory for Israel, since there will no longer be a mini-state within a state. In other words, Lebanon will answer to just one government.

Unfortunately for Israel and much of the world, Olmert’s right. Because of his massive incompetence, Lebanon’s new And ONLY real government is Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has done to Israel what no other army, or combination of armies has ever done. It fought Israel to a stand-still where a bloodied Israel is worse off for going to war.

Olmert promised not to stop fighting Hezbollah until Israel got the two Israeli soldiers back who were kidnapped by Hezbollah.

That didn’t happen.

Olmert promised to disarm and disperse Hezbollah. Total failure.

As a matter of fact. Olmert kept drawing lines in the sand that Hezbollah better not cross. And every time Hezbollah crossed one of Olmert’s lines, Olmert established a new line.

As I’m writing this, on the second day into the “cease-fire”, Hezbollah is not dispersed. And they’re being rearmed by their TERRORIST benefactors (Iran and Syria) readying themselves for round two.

To protect Israel from the Hezbollah tough-guys, Israel has allowed a non existent Lebanese army, which is heavily Shiite and loyal to Hezbollah, along with other Moslem armies to patrol Israel’s Northern Border while at the same time, they are to oversee the disarmament of Hezbollah.

Now here’s a brand new problem. Lebanon has just publicly declared they won’t do Israel’s dirty work, and that Hezbollah does not have to be disarmed.

And for the cherry on top of this toxic mix of nonsense; of all nations, it will be France who will lead this misery of UN no-goodnicks who are supposed to protect Israel from Hezbollah.

Olmert has reduced Israel to being protected by France, leading a few Moslem countries, all of whom including France would more or less like to see Israel disappear.

And as if all of this humiliation is not enough, Israel has to give the Shebba Farms to Lebanon, after the UN declared Shebba Farms to be Syrian.

So how exactly does Olmert and his just as incompetent deputy Prime minister side-kick Shimon Peres, think Israel has won anything, especially since the Arab and Moslem world can’t stop celebrating their massive victory over Israel?


Israelis will sooner rather than later throw Olmert out on his ass. They will also throw out the other appeasers, facilitators and conciliators who bear responsibility for this mess.

Israel will never again take its security for granted, or underestimate her enemies.

And the next Prime Minister of Israel (most likely Netanyahu) will not be a schmuck whose sole goal will be to show the world how generous Israel can be to its sworn enemies.

The next round of fighting between Israel and those who wish to do harm to Israel, will see a different resolve and a very different outcome.

Israel was sent packing by a rag tag army of TERRORISTS because Israelis bought into Olmert’s vision that everything will be alright if Israel played nicely and made deals.

I have to believe that most Israelis who voted for Olmert and other appeasers like him now know better.

They know that Israel is nothing without the toughest guy (or woman) they can vote into office as Prime Minister.

They better now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israel needs a leader who will do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult, distasteful and painful it might be, to protect the sovereignty and safety of Israel and her people.

Olmert was a much needed wake-up call.

It is far better for Israel that it took a humiliating beating at the hands of a bunch of TERRORIST savages, than in a real war against a real military where the outcome could have been Holocaust II.

Right now, Israel’s most important obligation is to suck-it-up, rid itself of Olmert, and replace him with a leader who can lead.

It’s time for Israel to clean house and get back to basics. Then we’ll see how much celebrating Hezbollah and their poisonous Arab/Moslem cousins will be in the mood for after round two gets going.

And make no mistake about it. There will be a round two. And either Israel will do what Israel should have done this time around, or Israel will be finished.

The Arabs can lose a thousand times. But Israel can’t afford to lose even once. This was the one exception and part of that silver lining.

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  1. As I read your editorial I think of the growing animosity internationally toward Israel and truly wonder why. In a single generation, the hatred has multiplied. This is a generation of deluded people, preferring to believe a lie rather than the truth. If you ever wondered what it must have been like in the days of Noah, I believe we are seeing it. God will protect Israel in the face of all nations turning against her.

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