Israel – The Pride And Confidence Are Gone

The reslut of this nightmare is indeed a tragedy for Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.

Middle Eastern Arabs/Moslems are delusional and they lie. But, what they are focused on beyond delusion, and absolutely honest about concerning their global objectives includes the death of Israel.

Their version of Hitler’s “final solution”, and the Islamization of the world is no lie. They mean it.

This isn’t something I’m surmising. It’s what the Arabs/Moslems have been telling us for as long as I can remember.

Their Jihad from the time of the Christian Crusades has never ended.

It’s what they live for. It’s what they are willing to die for. And beyond question; it is what they are willing to murder for.

And it was all up to Israel to stop them in their tracks. And that’s not looking so good.

There are multiple tragedies surrounding this outrageous war. None of them involves the death and suffering of the enemy and their civilian cheerleaders. They deserve what their leaders have delivered to them.

But the result of this nightmare is indeed a tragedy for Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.

Israel has lost far more than its dead and wounded soldiers, civilians and destroyed brick and mortar. What Israel has so far lost in this war is its pride.

Israel’s once invincible image has been dragged down into the realm of the very ordinary.

Israel: The little country that could. That would. That did. Can’t any more.

While Israel’s weak-kneed leaders surrendered their pride, these Israeli leaders elevated TERRORISTS to the heights of heroism.

Unless Israel finds the resolve (before this is all over) that once made it the country that it used to be, before the appeasers, talkers, facilitators and diplomats took over, Israel will now really be in the cross-hairs of all who will do her harm.

Israel has shown her enemies that she can be beaten. And for Israel and the Jewish people, there is very little that can be worse.

Where’s Netanyahu?

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  1. I, too, have had no use for Michael Bloomberg, but your report that he flew to Israel via a commercial airliner to show support for Israel has given me pause. Mr. Bloomberg deserves credit and admiration for his stance in this situation.

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