Olmert Might Be Israel’s Greatest Disaster

Israel needs a Sharon to lead the way. Not an Olmert who has to ask what is the way.

Israel could be lost at worst. And at best – thousands of innocent Israelis could be killed because Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert has neither the courage nor the stomach to order the fight against Islamo-Fasism as if everything depended upon it.

Olmert is the wrong man for the horror that faces Israel and her people.

Olmert is far too little a man facing far too big a problem. He does not have the shoulders to support the weight of the Israeli people in their most desperate time of need.

This war that has been forced upon Israel is not just some little TERRORIST action like many believed.

This is it.

It is the real thing. And Israel’s leaders are sleepwalking their nation towards the gates of Armageddon.

Hezbollah isn’t interested in peace, conciliation, a cease-fire, or any other cessation of hostilities. Why should they when everyone in the Arab and Moslem world sees Hezbollah as victorious heros?

Olmert’s dithering has already cost Israel its reputation as a fierce military defender of its national sovereignty. And it has elevated TERRORISTS to the level of pan Arab and pan Moslem supermen.

There is no question whatsoever that Israel will wind up paying a serious and bloody price in her war against extermination.

But at the very least, if the Israelis fight back without apologizing to the world every time an enemy civilian gets hurt or killed, Israel will have a chance to survive and regain some of its stature.

Olmert’s inexcusable weak-kneed response to a threat of extermination has emboldened an implacable enemy to drive for Israel’s throat.

Where Israel should have, could have, and still can bomb the crap out of enemies of modern humanity while unleashing their formidable ground forces, Israel instead decided to show restraint.

For being the nice guys, Israeli can indeed be wiped off the map.

Maybe the next time they drop pamphlets to warn their enemy of an assault, they can also include a picture of Olmert apologizing for defending Israel


Israel needs a Sharon to lead the way. Not an Olmert who has to ask what is the way.

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  1. Howard, I want to apologize to Israel. I want apologize for (our?) president and the clueless people who elected him twice. If Israel can settle this fight and hold on for 2 more years, I believe they will be able to depend on the United States again. But we’ve got to elect a real President of the United States of America, not another pPesident of the Democratic party.

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