Cowards Who Hide Behind Civilians Are Not A Fighting Force.

To suggest that Hezbollah is somehow an accomplished army is an insult to all men and women who serve in real armed forces.

That the Hezbollah fighters (TERRORISTS) have been far better skilled, armed and organized than anyone expected, including the Israelis, comes as a shock, is no shock to me.

Why would it be, since they are no better an army today, than are any other TERRORIST groups? The only shock might be at how well they’re armed.

That they are a significant fighting group as is reported virtually everywhere is a load of manure.

What constitutes a great fighting force has nothing whatsoever to do with hiding amongst civilians, firing rockets into the air aimed at civilian targets far away, and then running like hell after the deed has been done.

Lying in ambush behind civilians is also not a mark of military accomplishment. What it is, is a signature of cowardice.

A real fighting force wears uniforms and meets the enemy head-on away from civilian populations.

A real fighting force makes every effort to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure. And runs toward battle opposed to running away once the battle has been engaged.

To suggest that Hezbollah is somehow an accomplished army is an insult to all men and women who serve in real armed forces.

Giving military credibility and bravery to Hezbollah TERRORISTS is akin to making out that the two “DC Snipers” were somehow brave and accomplished fighters too.

After-all, just like Hezbollah, they staked out their targets. Ambushed them. And then ran like hell after their vicious deed was done.

There’s not much bravery, skill or discipline in that.

The fact that Hezbollah is using relatively sophisticated weapons in their TERROR war against humanity, only goes to show that any savage can be taught how to carry, aim and launch a weapon.

But proves nothing else.

After all will be said and done, Hezbollah has proven that it is capable of hiding in the shadows, under rocks and amongst civilians while they either ambush or TERRORIZE with weapons that keep them a safe distance from their targets.

Hezbollah and their supporters have also proven that they are proficient at starting a war without merit. That they know how to hide amongst civilians. And that their actions have led to the mass destruction of the country (Lebanon) they pretend to be fighting for.

Israel will not score a victory in this war since there is nothing for Israel to win.

That Israelis have died for no fault of their own. And that Israeli property has been destroyed. And Israelis have spent the better part of a month living in fear and losing economic benefits, is a combined loss that can not be recovered. There can be no victory in that.

The best Israel will walk away with after the fighting ends, is that Israel has yet again survived another war with one or more of its Arab neighbors. And that Israel will know that this war will not be the last.

The Arabs (Hezbollah and Lebanon) will walk away with a destroyed infrastructure. A wrecked economy. About a thousand dead Lebanese. And more fuel to add to their anti-Semitic and anti-Western (USA) fire of hatred.

Yet: The Arabs, especially Hezbollah, will declare victory and dance in the streets because the Israeli army didn’t crush them.

And sadly, most nations will give them that credibility by stating how much of an effective fighting force they’ve become. Yet another delusion for the most deluded people on the planet.

In the meantime; Israel will once again have to bury its dead who have been murdered by Arab/Moslem TERRORISTS for no cause. Tend to the physical and mental wounds of its people. And rebuild destroyed brick and mortar because a bunch of self deluded Arabs wanted to make war.

Now that’s a crime against humanity – Arab/Moslem style.

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  1. There is no doubt that Israel [Netanyahu] will complete its “mission” because they have GREAT LEADERSHIP! If our Country had such a leader, we wouldn’t be in the MESS we’re in regarding the ILLEGAL immigrants, Obamacare, the consistent decrease in our military personnel, Benghazi, the IRS, etc…, but I guess golf and campaigning are more important! Also, if Hamas wouldn’t be using their people [even children] as a human shield, there wouldn’t have been as many deaths which have occurred.

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