Israel And Her Pretend Civilized Enemies

In the case of Israel versus the world of Islamo-Fascism, the "civilized" world is seeing two wars.

To hear, watch and read much of the Media, the real tragedy it seems, is only about what is happening to Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

The world sees the massive destruction in Lebanon, while at the same time not seeing the destruction in Israel; or feeling for the Israelis who are living in daily terror of rocket attacks and worse.

In reality, it is remarkable that there are so few Lebanese casualties given the enormous pounding Israel is subjecting Lebanon to.

If anything, Israel must be commended for fighting what can only be defined as a “humanitarian” war against well armed savages who fight from behind and amongst civilian shields.

I am not surprised that the entire world community save a few decries every Lebanese casualty as if Israel is the beast of nations, while these same bad world actors pay no attention whatsoever to the daily human carnage just down the so-called Arab Street in Iraq.

While there is International outrage at the deaths of a few Lebanese civilians who are unintentionally killed as collateral damage by Israeli fire. There isn’t even a whisper of concern for many dozens of the Iraqi Arabs who are slaughtered everyday at the hands of other Iraqi Arabs.

I guess Arab on Arab genocide is an Internationally acceptable norm. Much like it is in Darfur, where African Arab Moslems are slaughtering Black African Christians Black African Animists and Black African Moslems by the tens of thousands.

By now, the slaughter of Black Sudanese could be in the many hundreds of thousands. But who’s to know, since the world body (UN) pays at best lip-service to Moslem created genocide.

In the case of Israel versus the world of Islamo-Fascism, the “civilized” world is seeing two wars.

To people who aren’t blinded by anti-Semitism, there is the real war that was started by the Arabs against Israel without reason or provocation.

And to the rest of the world, there is the other war which seems to have started out of thin air, where Israel is using excessive force.

I will sum up every part of this war (and all the other wars against Israel) with just one hyphenated word: ANTI-SEMITISM!

The Moslems hate Jews. The Arabs hate Jews. Most of Europe hates Jews. And the United Nations seems to exist for the very special purpose of co-ordinating as much of the hatred towards Jews as is possible.

Then there’s the Media and the Leftists. They hate Jews too. But mostly from an elitist and very often academic perspective. I like to think of them simply as: in-the-closet Jew Haters with insufficient intestinal fortitude to be honest about their bigotry.

And then there are self-hating Jews, the most despicable of he lot, most of whom are Leftist pseudo intellectuals, many of whom are in the Media and the world of Academia and the Arts.

I think that they’re embarrassed to be Jews, much like the “fancy” Jews of Western Europe were before the Nazis and European anti-Semites taught them a thing or two about not wanting to be too Jewish.

The outcome of this war was decided the moment Israel took off the gloves. The only question was how much pain Israel was willing to inflict. And upon whom.

We now know much of the answer,

It surprises me somewhat that the leaders of Lebanon have come out of their closet in praise of the TERRORIST group Hezbolah who started all of this. It has to make you wonder.

It also doesn’t surprise me though that the super delusional Arab mind-set is screaming victory considering that a war they started has left their country in near total ruin while Israel has nothing more than a few scratches and bruises.

That the Arabs imagine that they’ve won anything from this nightmare of their own making shouts volumes about how utterly stupid and backward they are as a people and a culture.

The end result of this will see Israel carry-on as a world leader in the sciences, medicine, technologies, humanities and the world of business while the Arabs once again live their delusion of greatness,

It is indeed a pity that in this day and age, there are people (Arabs) who are so behind the advances of humanity, and others, specifically sophisticated Westerners who harbor a hatred for all things Jewish, that together, they form a common blight.

Israel will win. And as usual, the Arabs will lose.

But so will the closet, and not so closeted anti-Semites, since there’s far more on the table in this latest war, than just rockets, bombs and bullets.

Israel will keep its moral compass, while the detractors of Israel will lose theirs. And perhaps after all is said and done, that will be the biggest victory of all.

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  1. My only fear, is that this window of opportunity, (Obama’s feckless administration), will close, before Israel can get the job done. Much like when Israel was 40 Kilometers outside of Cairo and the US said Stop. Otherwise, this is just another,(bloody), pause, only to be repeated again.

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