Now’s Not The Time For Israel To Stop!



Here’s something that isn’t a shocker. Lebanon wants the UN to force a cease-fire. In other words: Israel should be made to stop.

It’s like a bad recurring dream.

Israel’s Arab and Persian neighbors commit serious acts of TERROR against the Jewish State, usually resulting in destruction, mayhem, injuries and death. And when Israel responds, the world finds ways to blame Israel for what the Arab TERRORISTS did.

Or at the very least, find some form of equivalence between TERRORIST attacks by Arabs and Islamists on innocent Jews, to acts of “measured” self-defence by Israel.

And when it becomes very nasty, and war is declared against Israel by the Arabs, just as it was in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1980, Israel is always forced to stop fighting once it has won the upper-hand.

And even though the Arabs have significantly lost each war they’ve started with Israel, somehow, they’ve deluded themselves into thinking that they have won.

And every time Israel is forced (usually by the USA) to end the battle before they have a chance to finish their enemies, it becomes just a matter of time until the Arabs come back just like the recurring bad dream.

And then Israel has to go through the entire nightmare yet once again.

But this time, Israel has the opportunity to end this bad dream for a long time to come. But not if they stop the attack.

It’s interesting that neither the Lebanese government, nor any other Arab governments went to the UN to demand a cease-fire while the two TERRORIST groups, Hamas and Hezbollah were busy TERRORIZING Israel with rocket attacks, ambushes, murders and kidnappings.

It’s only when Israel finally said that enough was enough, and decided to do whatever it took to crush the Arab Islamo-Fascist TERRORISTS on their (Arab) home turf, that the Arabs want the hostilities to stop.


Only Israel has the wherewithal to end this Islamist madness and send a clear message to Iran and Syria that they’re next.

Only Israel can defeat the Islamists in a fundamental way which they will understand. Only Israel can do for the Free, Democratic, Secular and Modern Western World what the Western World is incapable or unwilling of doing for themselves.

For Israel to stop now, would be the most serious mistake Israel and the Free World could make. Israel has the opportunity to stop Islamo-Fascism in it’s tracks, and set the Islamo-Fascists’ gains back years.

To do anything less would be a travesty.

I realize that it’s easy for me to talk tough with Israeli blood from the comfort and safety of my Canadian home. But unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

Israel: like it or not, is more or less on its own.

And like it or not; Israel has to do for the world what the world is either unable or unwilling to do for itself.

And just for the record:

From April 23-30 (2002), during the height of the Intifada, I traveled to Israel on my own dime, broadcasting live radio shows to North American audiences letting them know the truth of Israel and the lies of the media.

Even though I feel guilty for not being in Israel during Israel’s current time of need, I’ve nonetheless walked the walk, which is far more than the armchair critics of Israel have ever done.

But I still feel guilty if not somewhat useless for being here in Canada, while the true Israeli heros stand in harm’s way fighting the enemies of humanity.

Um Ysroel Chai! Long Live Israel.!

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  1. Israel must fight, like they did after World War II, for their independence. It is that important, for Israel to make it’s stance, once again. Most have forgotten, that the UN voted to allow Israel’s it’s statehood and place, in this world. However, the UN of today, isn’t the UN of the late 1940’s. I am behind Israel, 100% and always have been. Israel has the right to exist and exist in peace. Bottom line, if, Israel dies … So, does the whole world. I do NOT want to live in an Islamic world!!!

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