There Is No Room For Diplomacy In The Middle East.

If Israel does anything less than destroy the enemies it has been fighting since 1948, Israel will lose and its enemies will win.


As I wrote on July 10, 2006, Israel has an opportunity to deal severely with its Arab TERRORIST enemies before the world begins crying about how the big bad Israelis must be contained in their reaction to Arab murderers.

It didn’t take long for the western world led by France to begin the condemnation of Israel’s response to TERROR attacks, kidnappings and murder.

As usual – the mantra goes:

Israel must show restraint. Israel must not attack any of its sovereign neighbors. Israel must not use excessive force. And Israel must not harm civilian populations or civilian infrastructure.

During the past few days, I’ve watched, listened, and read a great many news reports and opinions about what is happening, and what Israel must do, or not do.

What pisses me off most, were the opinions of the Leftist American government managers and diplomats who over more than a generation helped create the situation that is playing itself out as we watch.

Andrew Young, Carter’s Ambassador during his failed administration says we need more diplomacy. Madeline Albright, Clinton’s failed emissary says we need more engagement.

And others are screaming for talks and more diplomacy.

I watched Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel with California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer demand that Colin Powell be sent to the Middle East to negociate an end to the crisis.

They actually want to send a large team led by Powell. As if that’s never been done before.

The very best interview I saw was with former House Leader Newt Gingrich who answered Leftist Alan Colmes, of Hannity and Colmes, who made Israel out to be the guilty (or at least, the equally guilty) party.

Colmes kept saying to Gingrich, things such as:

Israel must stop. Gingrich said no.

Israel is using excessive force. Gingrich said no.

Violence will not settle anything. Gingrich said you’re wrong.

And that this must be resolved by diplomacy. Gingrich said no.

All I saw and heard during this exchange was that Colmes was as wrong as rain during a flood.

World Wars I and II were not settled by diplomacy. The American Civil War and Slave Trade were not settled by diplomacy. The Vietnam and Cold Wars were not settled by diplomacy.

When there are intractable differences between antagonists, especially when one side is fanatically focused in their beliefs. And when any means to win justifies the end, as we see every day in Islam’s War against the West and Modernity. No diplomacy in the world will work.

There is only one way to end the threat and never-ending misery of Islamist nationalism and the TERROR Islamo-Fascism brings to the world. And Israel is “ALMOST” doing it.

As the World criticizes Israel for blowing up empty buildings, unused runways, roads and bridges, the Islamists slam rocket after rocket into densely populated Israeli residential areas.

Israel drops pamphlets by the thousands over populated Arab civilian areas warning people to get out because an attack is imminent, the Arabs do just the reverse.

If Israel has any hope of living in a safe and secure region, they have to win.

Israel has to fight as if its very survival depends upon it (which it does). And they have to worry more about beating the enemy into submission, than what most of the anti-Semitic world thinks about them.

The WWII Allies beat back the Nazi and Japanese forces, and then laid waste to their cities. They bombed and destroyed Dresden. And they nuked Japan.

After-which, both Japan and Germany became exemplary citizens of the world.

If Israel does anything less than destroy the enemies it has been fighting since 1948, Israel will lose and its enemies will win. This is a conflict that can never be settled with diplomacy or by weak-kneed men and women.

It is either all-out victory for Israel. Or it’s a journey to defeat and another Holocaust. The good news, if there is any, is that how this ends is all up to Israel.

As a side-bar: If Israel does not defeat these enemies of Modern Humanity, the entire world will pay a horrible price.

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  1. Howard, BeBe WILL get it done when the timing is right. Just sit back and listen and watch. May God protect Israel in her time of need to beat back the perfidious Satan inspired group of people called Hamas/Muslim. My Bible says Israel will stand and that’s all I need to know to put my head on my pillow and sleep at night. To the shining star….Israel.

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