Palestinian Democracy – Meaningless Words

There are no shortage of Thugocracies which have promoted themselves as great Democracies.


As I have recently written: I’m up to my eyeballs in construction.

I spend all of my awake hours either physically working on building our spanking brand-new Equestrian Center Home. Or I am on the phone ordering and/or co-ordinating. All of which gives me nearly no time to write.

I receive an enormous amount of e-mails asking where I am, how I am, and why no Editorials?

Building our new home is where I am, how I am and why there are no new Editorials.


There’s world silence now, because of the horrible behavior of the “Democratically” elected government of the Palestinian people.

As much as the world would love to condemn Israel, it’s hard to do so under the current circumstances.

It seems that up till now, much of the media (Left and Right) have been very concerned about Israel’s aggressive policy towards Hamas, even though it’s not enough that virtually all governments of the civilized world have recognized Hamas as being a TERRORIST organization.

It also seems that to much of the world, it is more about the Democratic election process than it is about the people who get elected.

If the Democratic election process is somehow sacrosanct to much of the world, as the world pretends that it is, what should the world say about Adolf Hitler who was elected Chancellor of Germany by the Democratic process?

There are no shortage of Thugocracies which have promoted themselves as great Democracies.

East Germany, one of the worst police states ever, used to call itself the “Democratic Republic of Germany”.

And what about the Democratic People’s Republic of China, and of North Korea? Both countries try to pass themselves off as Democracies (through name only).

Anyone, and any country which complains about Israel’s policies towards the “Democratically” elected Palestinian (Arab) TERRORISTS is only looking for a reason to complain about Israel.

The Democratically elected Hamas government of the Palestinian people is just as meaningful in the year 2006, as was the Democratically elected NAZI government of Adolf Hitler in 1933.

Before it is too late (and time is running out), since I can already hear the bleating voices of the Left, Israel should take advantage of a confused world and do what is necessary to end the misery caused by the Palestinians.

Israel has the RIGHT to defend itself and use the wherewithal it has to do it, even if Israel’s Palestinian Arab enemy likes to call itself a Democracy.

In the case of Hamas and all the other Palestinian groups. And I do mean ALL the other Palestinian groups. Reason, kindness, and good faith are absolutely useless negotiating platforms.

The Palestinians are liars, cheats, thugs, murderers, and defilers of humanity. But, more than that: the Palestinians are the most SELF-DELUDED people on Planet Earth.

This makes them extremely dangerous, since they are absolutely divorced from reality. They can’t see that they are a totally failed people fighting against one of the most accomplished societies on Earth.

They can’t see the meaninglessness of threatening Israel with the opening of the Gates of Hell, as their masked TERRORIST fighters fire their AK47’s into the air in multiple shows of bravery far from Israeli troops.

They can’t understand that the only reason Palestine exists at all, is because Israel has decided not to wipe them out. They can’t see their failed society for what it is.

Israel should do the Palestinians a real favor and show them just how tough, or in their case, not so tough, that they really are.

Until the Palestinian TERROR rockets stop falling on Israel.

And until the 19 year old kidnaped Israeli soldier is returned to Israel unharmed.

Israel should simply keep tearing Gaza apart brick by brick until the Palestinians get the message. Or until Gaza becomes uninhabitable.

Then it won’t matter if they get the message or not.

This is the type of negotiating the “Democratic” Palestinian society understands. And this is the negotiating tactic Israel must continue to pursue.

Anything less will be a big failure for Israel and a huge victory for Arab TERRORISTS everywhere.

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  1. Ultimately, God, (Jehovah), is the One who has given His promise that Israel will-not and I repeat will-not cease to exist. And He will “bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel”. He WILL-NOT let the nation of Israel to go “under the bus.” So, Prime Minister Netanyahu, just ignore the rest of the world.

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