Let’s All Play Middle East Make Believe

Let's focus on the "Root Cause" instead of the "Root Effect".


Let’s do what most of us do best. Let’s make believe that we are living in a world where the bad guys aren’t really so bad. And that the bad things that they do are really our fault by the way we live our lives, rather than their fault, by the way they live theirs.

Let’s focus on the “Root Cause” instead of the “Root Effect”.

Let’s blame our way of life for the failures of others and the murders they commit.

Let’s look at the uppity Israeli Jews who took a land of weeds, rocks, sand and poisonous snakes, and truly transformed it in to the “Land of milk and honey”, where the standard of living is comparable and better than most of the Western World.

Let’s look at Jews who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust, where other Jews worldwide dug deep (and still do) into their pockets to rebuild a homeland for all Jews everywhere, so that no Jews are left behind.

And let’s look at a world that either actively participated in the annihilation of the world’s Jews, or watched passively as Hitler and others did their dirty deeds. It’s easier for the spectators to show that they have clean hands while others dirtied theirs.

I honestly do not have the time to be writing this editorial, since I am spending all of my days on the construction site building our Equestrian Center. But I also can not ignore what is happening in the Middle East, since what happens there is my problem as much as it is your problem too,

Now that we’ve played a little make believe, the type that is played every day amongst our Leftist elitists; let’s play a different game.

Let’s play a game called the truth.

Let’s say that the Arabs and Arab/Islamists want to destroy Israel and “pacify” every Middle Eastern Jew, no matter what the Jews do or say to accommodate them.

Let’s say that all of the Arab and Moslem societies are absolutely failed economically, morally, intellectually, scientifically, medically and socially in spite of their massive oil wealth.

And let’s say that Islam’s core objective is to convert the entire world to their fundamentalist Islamic belief.

Now you’d be talking.

And let’s say that our Western successes, and our Western Secular way of life has nothing whatsoever to do with their (Arab/Islamist) failures.

And let’s just say that it all comes down to the Middle East and how Israel faces the forces of evil.

Now, let’s say for the sake of saying, that if Israel falls, the Western Secular World will have more to worry about than the Leftist’s “Root Cause”, since Israel is the first line of defence against the Islamo/fascist hordes out to conquer the Secular, Democratic and Modern West.

Let’s just say that what happens in the next short while between Israel and the Islamo/Fascist forces of Evil will set the stage for the battles that will either invade, or not invade our shores.

Let’s also say that there are two worlds: There is the pretend world of the Leftists. And there is the real world of Israel and the Secular West.

The simple question you have to be asking yourself: is in which world do you live?

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