Hamas Has Given Israel A Great Opportunity

The world desperately wants to recognize the Hamas TERRORISTS, but is having a real tough time doing it, since Hamas is sworn to murder Israeli Jews.


I’m taking a very brief break from constructing our Equestrian Center Home to write this very brief Editorial about what is currently happening In Israel, vis a vis Gaza Palestinian TERRORISTS and Israel’s response.


Ariel Sharon did the right thing by leaving Gaza and taking all of the Settlers out. But instead of being thanked for this absolute gesture by the world and mostly by the Palestinians, Israel was routinely criticized for being unilateral in its decision to leave Gaza.

Gaza is no longer “occupied” by Israelis, so why all of the rocket attacks from Gaza Palestinians on Israeli towns and villages? And why the TERRORIST attack on Israeli troops, on Israeli territory, leaving two Israeli soldiers dead and one kidnaped?

Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli hardliners warned Ariel Sharon that leaving Gaza would solve nothing. Netanyahu and those of his mind-set were right to an extent. Leaving Gaza did not bring peace, nor did it change the Palestinian attitude. But it did give Israel new and important opportunities.

Now that the Palestinians have elected acknowledged TERRORISTS to be their government. And that this government is supporting murderers of Jews in Israel. And that their ultimate goal is to destroy Israel. The world has a problem.

The world desperately wants to recognize the Hamas TERRORISTS, but is having a real tough time doing it, since Hamas is sworn to murder Israeli Jews.

But to the world’s rescue, here comes the so-called prisoners’ agreement that sort of recognizes Israel’s right to exist. It’s bull-shit. But for the world, it’s at least something they can use as a precursor to recognizing and legitimizing the Hamas TERRORIST government of the Palestinian people.

Then to the chagrin of the world, here comes the latest attack on Israel by the Gaza Palestinians, and all of a sudden it’s business a s usual. Israel threatens to counter attack, and the world, including the USA tells Israel to show restraint.

We all saw how much restraint the USA showed when they were attacked (just once) on their soil on 9/11.


Here’s my unsolicited advice to Israel.


Destroy Gaza water sources, power stations, hospitals, schools, farms and government buildings. Make Gaza unliveable. Maybe then the Palestinians will understand that there are real consequences associated with their actions.

And if not. So what? At least Gaza will no longer be a problem.

The world and the Palestinians have given Israel no other choice. Either Israel ends the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic threat along its borders, or they will eventually end Israel.

Hamas has given Israel an opportunity to do what must be done. Israel should not let this slip through their fingers before the world can find an appropriate excuse to legitimize Hamas and keep the misery going.

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  1. No surprise to me. The people of the USA elected this ………. not once but twice so live with it.
    My predictions in 2006 have come “to roost”

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