Building The Equestrian Center

These days though, I'm up before 6:00, and on the job-site by 7:00; not leaving very much time for me to write or do much of anything else.


If you’re wondering why there’s been fewer Editorials than usual, it’s because Anne and I are in the process of creating an Equestrian Center in Williamstown Ontario, which is located about 45 minutes from the West Island of Montreal.

We’ve sold our 10 acre horse-farm and are moving to a whole new horsey lifestyle.

We purchased a 60 acre (mostly) forest with an abundance of wildlife including more deer than we can count, a small pack of wolves, fox and just about everything else you’d expect to find in a healthy natural environment.

This remarkable property also has several gorgeous ponds where the wildlife water themselves, and several magnificent hayfields (about twelve acres in all) which will feed our horses.

And when the horses are not in the barn, there are four meadows where they can graze until they get fatter and happier than usual.

We’re constructing from the ground-up, including a 400 foot gravel drive from the road to the house and barn. And then a 3/4 mile dirt road to the end of our property.

In addition to these main roads, we’ll be blazing about 5 miles of meandering horse trails through the forest taking great care to disturb as little flora and fauna as possible.

And I’m the contractor. I’m also the main gopher. I go for this and I go for that.

I also do much of the real drudge-work; like walking calf-deep in mud, following the big digging machine (High-Hoe) which is on caterpillar treads, sinking the perforated drainage pipe (Big “O”) to make certain the house, barn and paddock areas stay dry year round.

On Friday, I worked for about 8 hours with the High-Hoe trenching and putting in a 4″ PVC conduit (about three feet deep) from the road to the house where the electrical service and phone lines will be run.

This might have been the most difficult physical work I’ve ever done.

By the time I went home, I was so tired and sore, that 30 minutes after a shower, I had some left-overs for supper and collapsed into a deep sleep on the sofa until Anne woke me in time to go to bed where I slept-in past 8:00. I’m generally up by 6:30.

These days though, I’m up before 6:00, and on the job-site by 7:00; not leaving very much time for me to write or do much of anything else.

But I will try to write “HEADLINE” Editorials like the sampler below:


Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pissing off the Parliamentary Press Corp because he doesn’t speak to them unless he has something worthwhile to say. Now that’s refreshing. Good on Harper!

For political reason’s, President Bush and most of the US Congress is screwing around with ILLEGAL immigration, mostly from Mexico, while allowing Mexico’s President Vincente Fox to set the agenda on US immigration.

Perhaps Fox should throw his hat in the ring for the November 2008 US Presidential election? He’ll sweep the ILLEGAL Mexican votes good for as many as 20,000,000.

While Abbas, President of the Palestinian authority is still trying to convince the world that his people and the Palestinian government should be taken seriously, he and Hamas are fighting like two junk yard dogs over a bone with hardly any meat on it.

The only question in doubt about Palestinian sovereignty, is which junk-yard dog gets to run-off with the bare-meat bone?

It was very refreshing to see Israel’s President Ehud Olmert receive the “Royal Treatment” at the White House and Congress last week.

Just as it was fabulous that President George W Bush declared that Israel is a vital friend and ally to the USA. And that an attack on Israel (assumably from Iran) would be the same as attacking America. That’s something for the Iranians to think about.

To the Americans who claim that Jews control the US government: Doesn’t it seem somewhat strange that Jews mostly vote Democrat, while the Republicans have been Israel’s very best friend. So much for Jewish control of the White House.

And . . . As you know. Or don’t know. But might be interested in knowing, I’ve used this Web Site many times to defend Gay and Lesbian Rights. BUT ENOUGH ALREADY!

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Gay this and Gay that: Gay cruises, Gay hotels, Gay car rentals, Gay discounts – GAY PRIDE PARADES?

What’s the big deal with people who like to have sex with their own gender that makes us think they’re somehow in need of special treatment?

Any good salesperson knows when the sale is made, and when it’s time to shut-up before talking yourself by the sale and out the door. Gays and Lesbians would do well to know that their time has come to shut-up.

That’s it for today. Hopefully, I’ll have enough energy to write again soon.

In the meantime: as I bend, stretch, lift, haul and bang myself around into oblivion, I’ll still be paying attention to the people who we should all be paying attention to. And so should you.

Until the next time – think about me and my pain. It might make you feel better about yourself.

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  1. Perhaps the truest statement is by PM Netanyahu, that Israel uses rockets to defend civilians while the Palestinians use civilians to defend rockets. This is an obvious and honest statement that even the hardest anti Israeli mind sees and gets. So for anyone to know this yet still side one iota with Hamas or still go against Israel is proof of that person’s warped sense of justice and of their sick and distorted mind.

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