Bilingualism Will Kill America

Prior to the current great influx of ILLEGAL immigrants invading the USA, those who wanted to come to America wanted the whole deal. Including English.


After 230 years, the USA is beginning the process of determining who they are culturally.

In 1776, when America became a nation, there was thought given to all manner of Constitutional Rights ranging from Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly and the Right to Bear Arms.

Of course there is much more. But, a Freedom never considered was the Right to run the new American society exclusively in the English language.

This was never a consideration because it was assumed that the Right of passage to being American was that one lived his/her public (and private) life in English.

Prior to the current great influx of ILLEGAL immigrants invading the USA, those who wanted to come to America wanted the whole deal. Including English.

They wanted a better life in a better country. They wanted their piece of the American pie. And in doing so, they absorbed Americana as fully as they possibly could.

One only has to look at the great accomplishments and accomplishers throughout American history. Names of great men and women which were not English in origin, which adorn Americana in absolutely every facet of cultural life.

The Jews, Italians and Greeks became super Americans, as did so many other immigrants who couldn’t assimilate fast enough. And who couldn’t contribute too much no matter how hard they tried.

And all those who raced to become the best American they possibly could be, created the greatest melting pot and most desirable nation on earth. IN ENGLISH!

But today’s immigrants, predominantly Hispanic, are not cut from that same fabric.

They march in the streets of the USA demanding Rights they don’t have, while waving Mexican flags. They demand welfare, medicaid, free education and whatever social benefits that can be had even though they are in the country ILLEGALLY.

They want vast segments of America to look like them, opposed to them looking like America.

They want respect and equality for their Spanish language and customs. And through concentrated numbers, they will elect those from within their own communities who will deliver what they want.

They intimidate “Anglo” American legislators through the power of the ballot. And they are embraced by Leftist Americans who don’t know enough to know that it is the way that America is, that gives them the Right to be so stupid.

Change the formula – change the stupid Leftists’ Rights.

It seems that the new wave of immigrants coming to America never heard JFK’s immortal words:


I’m a Canadian, and in Canada, we’ve battled language and culture since 1867. And anyone who says that multi-culturalism and more than one official language in a nation is a good thing, knows nothing about what he or she speaks.

More than one official language breeds contempt through cultural competition and linguistic animosity. It stifles development.

In Canada’s case, it causes English speaking men and women of great potential to stay away from the public arena because, if they’re not fluent in French, even though spoken French accounts for almost no percentage in Canada outside of Quebec. The Federal doors are closed to them.

Official bilingualism adds enormous costs to everything from legislation to the mandated bilingual description on a box of breakfast cereal.

It stagnates society through constant analysis to see if both sides are benefitting equally in terms of linguistic opportunity and visibility.

As an English speaking Canadian, I have come to the conclusion that French Canadians should have their Right to live and work exclusively in their language within Quebec, while the rest of Canada enjoys the exclusive use of the English language everywhere else.

I understand how a linguistically identifiable people, especially in a minority situation, want to protect their culture and language. But at the same time, I also understand how damaging it is to try to officially accommodate more than one language and one culture as equals in one society.

The French/English debate in Canada has been paralyzing and aggravating. It has spawned draconian French-only language laws in Quebec, and a Federal Official Languages Commission to make certain that French becomes as prominent as English in the public sector in the rest of Canada where rarely a word of French is spoken.

Hence; in an English part of Canada today, it has become nearly impossible for an English speaking Canadian without near fluency in the French language to get a senior job in Canada’s public service.

And in Quebec: The unrestricted use of the English language is against the law.

Is this how America wants to see itself in a generation or two?

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  1. As you said Howard they should just “get the job done” the hell with the rest of the world. Do what has to be done and do it now.

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