The NSA Is Freedom’s Enemy Number One.

What was more troubling, were the phone calls from so-called Conservatives who couldn't agree with him more.

It has become public, that the NSA (National Security Agency), America’s super spy agency, has been monitoring the telephone calling patterns of 10’s of millions of Americans.

The practice involves major American telephone providers, including the likes of AT&T and Bell South who are willingly turning over their clients’ telephone records which detail everything about their telephone use, but the actual conversation.

That said though; the NSA’s electronic gathering capacity is so enormous, that I wouldn’t necessarily discount the very real possibility that actual conversations would not be available through digital archives.

Especially since the NSA already has access to live and recorded conversations worldwide. The technology exists and the NSA has it.

As I drove towards home this afternoon, I was listening to FOX Talk-Radio on my US XM Satellite Radio, when the Talk-Show Host berated those Americans who opposed the NSA’s domestic telephone spy program.

To this host; America is at war, and if a little suspension of privacy is the price to pay to keep America safe, so be it.

What was more troubling, were the phone calls from so-called Conservatives who couldn’t agree with him more.

They mostly all shared the attitude that they were law-abiding citizens with nothing to hide. Therefore, if the government feels the need to intrude somewhat on their privacy for reasons of National Security, what’s the problem?


The moment Civil Rights and Liberties are suspended in order to protect Civil Rights and Liberties, there is no reason to go to war to defend Civil Rights and Liberties since they’re already lost.


I have supported George W Bush in terms of his foreign policy from a few days after 9/11. And to a great extent I still do. But, to screw with individual Rights and Freedoms in the name of National Security goes beyond the limit of support.

The American government has crossed the line between protecting American Civil Rights and Liberties from a nearly invisible enemy, to becoming the visible enemy of Americans’ Civil Rights and Liberties.

If I was a thinking American, I would be EXTREMELY worried about two very important mutually inclusive circumstances.

1) The government agencies which are violating Civil Rights and Liberties in the name of National Security.

2) And the likes of the idiot Radio Talk-Show Host with his idiot listeners who don’t see a problem with that.

To surrender Freedom to fight to be Free is ridiculous and contrary to everything that makes America great.

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  1. Thank you. I agree,especially with the “Get the job done” part. I believe Israel will. We are Christian but fervantly pray for Israel . They have always been the ones to get the job done when needed. I wish we had someone in the White House that Israel could count on, but he’s not there. We are in a pickle of a mess. God help us all.

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