More About ILLEGAL Immigration To The USA

If America is smart, the USA will deal with this issue before this issue deals with the USA.


As many as a million ILLEGAL immigrants (mostly Mexican) demonstrated nationwide in the USA this past week demanding their RIGHTS.

What Rights were they referring to?

It is indeed a part of the American Bill of Rights, that everyone within the USA, including non Americans who happen to be on American soil are guaranteed equal treatment under the law.

Therefore, ILLEGAL immigrants do have rights under the law in the USA. But that does not obligate the US government to allow ILLEGAL immigrants to stay in America.

Immigration is not a guaranteed Right to wannabe Americans.

The pro ILLEGAL immigrant organizers and individuals who took to the streets across America to demonstrate how valuable they are to the daily life of America by hoping to close down commerce are not too smart.

If I was an American being threatened with economic misery by people who shouldn’t be in my country, it wouldn’t make me sympathetic to their cause. It would be the opposite.

Also: Watching a sea of Mexican flags (and others) paraded during their demonstration would send me over the top. Why brandish a foreign flag in a country you’re determined to become a part of?

What’s their message?

Is it that they want to be in America enjoying all the benefits as Mexicans?

And then there is the modified American National Anthem sung in Spanish. What’s wrong with these people?

They want to come to America by whatever means they can, only to remain Mexican (or other) while they demand through their increasing numbers that the USA becomes more like them.

If I was an American, I’d work overtime to kick-out any politician who sides even a little bit with the ILLEGAL immigrants. I’d risk being called a racist to make certain that every last ILLEGAL immigrant would be deported or documented as a temporary resident of the USA.

The USA should also pass a law mandating English as America’s only official language.

I live in Canada which is a supposedly bilingual country (English and French), and I can tell you first hand that official bilingualism does not work. It is a source of constant enmity, enormous costs and non-productivity.

The Province of Quebec is 85% French speaking, while the rest of Canada is literally all English speaking with French speaking pockets scattered about.

But, because of our official national bilingual status, where every Canadian is supposedly treated as an equal citizen, we tie ourselves into knots being politically correct at a political and social cost that is far too dear to support.

Quebec has long ago declared itself to be exclusively French speaking, where the corporate and social use of the English language is in many cases against the law.

This Quebec language policy is in every case more harmful to the French only province of Quebec, than it is to the rest of Canada. But, because of ethnocentric and tribal impulses, most French Quebecers have accepted the cost of seeing themselves when they look into their provincial mirror.

And that’s their prerogative. But it shouldn’t impact upon me.

There was a time when I was adamantly opposed to French-only language laws in Quebec. But with time, I realized that it is better to have delineated lines between very different national cultures than it is to try to accommodate everyone’s specificity.

I imagine that in time, Quebec will go its own way with some form of association to the rest of Canada, while the rest of Canada will become a more or less defacto English speaking country. Both of which would in my opinion be best for all concerned.

This situation in Canada is not the same as what is happening in the USA, by virtue of the fact that Canada was born as a bilingual country in 1867.

In the USA however, unlike Canada, there is no history of official bilingualism or multi-culturalism where all people come together to be un-hyphenated Americans.

But, with the influx of Mexicans (and other Spanish speakers), illegal or otherwise, especially those who demand Spanish language Rights, and create a Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner – WATCH-OUT!

The USA can stop all of this here and now.

They can preserve the Melting Pot concept that has made America the greatest nation on earth.

And they can do it by simply declaring the USA to be English speaking, and punish everyone who broke the law to enter the USA without being draconian about it.

As I’ve written in the past:

Whomever is currently in the USA ILLEGALLY should be allowed to stay. But, as a penalty for breaking the law to enter; they should NEVER be accorded US citizenship.

And those who are criminals, or who are convicted of criminal acts who are in the USA ILLEGALLY, they should be prosecuted, serve their time and be summarily kicked-out.

If American politicians do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand-up for the USA against this onslaught of ILLEGAL immigration, and against those who would change America to suit their image and their culture, they will be amongst the greatest Quislings America has ever known.

In spite of the cost of Canada’s language divide, which is very much a part of our culture, we are still a great nation to call home. But, if language was not the national issue that it is, Canada would be even that much better.

The USA does not have our (Canadian) bilingual experience. Nor does America have competing language groups which are otherwise completely similar in terms of morals, integrity, modernity, education, and grasp of our Western Democratic values.

After all is said and done about Canada, French (Quebecers) Canadians and English Canadians have far more in common than English Americans and immigrants from Mexico.

If America is smart, the USA will deal with this issue before this issue deals with the USA.

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  1. Sometimes it’s better to apologize or ask forgiveness after the fact. Israel has tried to go along and get along. As stated- that’s not working.Hamas is adamant about eliminating Israel. Attempting to gain Consensus from some wishy-washy leaders is futile. As Howard Says- ‘get it done’.

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