The Sick Things I Think Of Every Time I Fill-Up With Gas.

It's easy for us to blame scum sucking oil rich Arabs for pushing the West towards a depression, much like the Crash of ‘29. But it's not just them. IT'S US!


On April 23, 2002 (4 years ago yesterday), I was landing in Israel to do my part to support the beleaguered Jewish State in their battle against Arab murderers and the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel Western media.

If I never do anything else to try to change the world, this would have been enough.

I have a Ford F-150 Lariat with all the Bells and Whistles. I purchased this fabulous truck to haul our horse trailer when Anne and I go riding off-property. But at 14 miles per gallon without the horse trailer attached, the F-150 is mostly parked.

As of today in Montreal, the cost of a liter of regular gasoline averages $1.20. My truck takes 120 liters. The cost to fill-up the F-150 is $144.

To my American readers, your US gallon of gasoline equals just about 4 liters. So, if you want to know what the cost would be to you in American dollars at our cost including the exchange, it would be $4 US per your gallon.

To compare our two costs though is really not that relevant, since we are both paying far too much. Too much so, that the cost of fuel will bankrupt our countries if our governments continue to sit on their collective asses shaking their collective heads.

I will make it easy for all of us to understand what is happening, and what has happened to bring us to this very serious and dangerous juncture in our history.

We allowed the most despicable people on earth, in that I am referring to oil rich Arabs, to hijack humanity. We allowed all of the oil companies which are as despicable as the Arabs to aid and abet these Bastards at home and abroad.

And most of all, we’ve elected and re-elected politicians who represent special interests instead of the interests of the electorate.

And now, as a result, we will without doubt go to war because our government leaders have left no other choice for us.

The Western world, especially North America, can not tolerate this energy outrage if we wish to continue the social lifestyle we’ve spent centuries cultivating.

Think about our cost of living at $4 a gallon.

We will not be able to commute, heat our homes, grow our food, run our industries, power our offices and hospitals, or transport our goods at prices we can afford.

When I buy a can of tuna or salmon, the price is the same today as it was last year. But the size of the can is 25-30 percent less.

Now that the Arabs have found out that they can bring the price of oil well beyond $70 per barrel without so much as a whimper from the West and Asia, there is nothing to stop them from pushing it beyond $100.

But, even if the price stays at $70 or just somewhat less per barrel, it is still far too high. Anything over a dollar or two a gallon at the pump is far too much.

It’s easy for us to blame scum sucking oil rich Arabs for pushing the West towards a depression, much like the Crash of ‘29. But it’s not just them. IT’S US!

We’ve enabled the Arabs to screw us to the hilt, and then take the money they literally stole from us to buy up huge economic pieces of our Western pie.

We’ve allowed the most egregious people (oil rich Arabs) on this planet to dictate the rules of humanity at international forums such as the UN, only because of their oil wealth and our insatiable appetite for what lays beneath the ground of their cursed countries.

We’ve sold-out Israel and Jews so as not to offend these most offensive people. And we’ve bled at home and abroad fighting a war that makes us their patsies and easy targets.

We even pretend that oil rich Arabs and their friends are somehow civilized and equal to us, when in fact, they are little more than animals and equal only to their own outrages.

Our government leaders and kiss-asses do what they can to convince us that the religion of Islam is a religion of love and peace, when everything about their draconian misogynist religion screams otherwise.

Through our cowardice, complicity, greed and incompetence, we’ve allowed these delusional oil rich Arabs to believe that they are somehow worthy and important.

And now we’re paying the price for it.

If you haven’t read my last Editorial (When It Comes To Iran Israel Stands Alone: Friday April 21, 2006) I suggest you do, because this is what it’s all coming down to.

I predict that the world will be engulfed in an enormous battle sooner rather than later, only because we did whatever it took to place ourselves in jeopardy at the hands of greed and evil.

We’ve placed our trust in horrible leaders. And we’ve sold our souls to the oil rich Arabs for a liter of fuel. And now we pay the price.

Every time I fill up at the pumps, it reminds me how much I detest the people who have screwed-up my life and the lives of the people in the West who’ve worked hard to deserve better.

Every time I hear about an Arab murdering another Arab in the name of Islam or tribalism, I cheer for both sides.

Now that the Palestinians are starting to beat the crap out of each other, I want my country to send them guns and lots of bullets.

When I hear about Iraqis blowing up Iraqis: my response is to give them more explosives.

As for our troops who are in harm’s way; get them out of harm’s way and let the Arabs do to each other what they would love to do to us.

My feeling about our soldiers risking life and limb for Arabs in the Middle East or Moslems in Asia is that they shouldn’t. If we’re not there to beat the piss out of enemies to humanity then we shouldn’t be there at all.

These are the sick things I think about every time I fill-up with gas at the pumps. What do you think about?

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  1. A cancer pervades humanity. But, like so often in the past, little Israel will lead to a cure. At 81 years of age, I’d be happy to sign up to help.

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