When It Comes To Iran Israel Stands Alone

The question of an all-out war between Iran's and Islam's global armies against Israel and the West is not if. It is only a question of when.


On a global scale, there are very few countries, and even fewer people (proportionately) who could care less if Israel and all Jews disappeared from the planet.

In the United States of America, a relatively recent poll (April 26 through May 6, 2002) showed that as many as 17% (35 million Americans) consider themselves to be very anti-Semitic. While a substantial number just didn’t like Jews somewhat.

But in comparison to the rest of the world which REALLY doesn’t like Jews and Israel at all, the American poll seems downright rosy.

It is no secret that Jews have been leaving Eastern Europe in huge numbers because of anti-Semitism and fears of attack

French Jews are emigrating en masse to get away from violent French Moslems and an otherwise apathetic French population.

The single largest influx of Jews in Israel are from the former Soviet Union. From Russia in particular.

Well educated and wealthy South American Jews are also leaving their countries, mostly for the USA, and some to Israel because it is becoming ever more difficult for Jews in South America to feel comfortable, safe and as if they belong.

As days go by, there are diminishing numbers of Jews everywhere outside of Israel and North America, and not because Jews have all of a sudden said that it’s time for a move for no reason.

Jews are leaving their national homelands with justification, because they don’t feel safe or welcome.

Much of what we are currently seeing, is a frightening reminisce of pre-World War II Europe, with the exception that many Jews today, unlike 7 decades ago, are far more aware of the dangers that surround them.

Unlike the Nazi Era though, when immigration was denied to Jews virtually everywhere on the planet, today’s Diaspora Jews have places where they can immigrate. Especially to Israel if all other doors are closed to them.

It is no secret that the world twists itself into knots finding fault with Israel, and makes excuses for every country that hates Israel and wants to see the Jewish State eliminated (dead).

Even in Canada, prior to the election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives several months ago, Canada could always be counted upon to vote with Jew-hating countries against Israel. Or not vote at all if the motion was too anti-Semitic even for Ottawa.

But that’s changing somewhat because it is becoming more difficult even for Leftist apologists to find any justification for ever increasing Palestinian outrages and failures.


Ahmadinejad, Iran’s lunatic President is DETERMINED to create the conditions of ARMAGEDDON for the Twelfth Imam to come back to earth and create an Islamic planet.

His saber rattling and threats against the West, and specifically against Israel aren’t for dramatic, political, or social effect. HE WANTS WAR!

It is only through an apocalyptic war, that the Islamic Prophecy will be realized. And in his demented Islamist religious mind, he believes that he was somehow “chosen” to be the catalyst to make it happen.

The question of an all-out war between Iran’s and Islam’s global armies against Israel and the West is not if. It is only a question of when.

And the only other question is: WHO STRIKES FIRST?

For all that we know, the USA is in Iraq in full military force not because they really felt a need to get rid of Hussein and bring democracy to the Wild Middle East. But rather, to be in position to take out the world’s greatest threat to humanity since the Nazis.

I believe that Israel will have no choice but to invade Iran sooner rather than later. And in the process, all hell will break loose redefining geopolitics.

If I was a Palestinian or any other hostile Arab, I would be more nervous than somewhat, since the War of Armageddon of Islam’s and the Arab world’s own making, will spell unmitigated disaster for them.

Without huge losses to Israel and the West, the backward delusional supporters of a fanatical religious myth will be crushed and humiliated.

What happens next, will be the first time since the fall of the 1st Temple, more than 3,000 years ago, that Jews will really have a recognized and secure homeland. And that 1.2 BILLION Moslems worldwide will have to take a long and hard look at themselves, and in what they believe.

This is the self-fulfilling Prophecy we can all do without. But even though the world could do without this oncoming calamity, it is I believe an inevitability that no power on earth will be able to stop but the power of war.

And no nation on earth is more pivotal to it’s outcome than Israel. If Jews are indeed the chosen people. Then this just might be the destiny we’ve been chosen to fulfill.

The winds of war and global change will soon be upon us. Um Ysroel Chai – Long Live Israel.

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  1. The last sentence says it all….. Tune it all out ….. and get the job done. Just tune it all out. BOMB THE CRAP OUT OF GAZA and get rid of the problems. I appreciate Israel, more than I could ever appreciate any of Gaza or the (Palestinians), number one, there are NO REAL Palestinians….. not now and NOT EVER in the recorded history of man. The people that all the world is trying to appease were NOMADS and never called any land, let alone, the Gaza Strip their home.

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