The Invasion of America.

Since when do law breakers have RIGHTS to enjoy the benefits of the laws they've broken?


I’m more impressed than just somewhat with the size of the crowds showing up to demonstrate for the RIGHT of ILLEGAL immigrants to stay in the USA legally.

It takes a special kind of Chutzpah for someone who broke the law to sneak into a sovereign nation, work ILLEGALLY, live off the system, and then DEMAND their RIGHT to stay.


Since when do law breakers have RIGHTS to enjoy the benefits of the laws they’ve broken? In this case, ILLEGALLY entering into the USA.

At least the ILLEGAL immigrants have become more media savvy since the Mexican flags they carried in past demonstrations have been replaced with the Red, White and Blue Stars and Stripes.

I have a young niece who has played by all the US immigration rules, and continues to play by all the rules.

She attended university in the USA with a proper Visa. She is working as a manager in her profession with a proper Visa. And she’s attending NYU to get her Masters degree with a proper Visa.

All the while that she is doing this LEGALLY, she has become a Manhattan property owner, and a net contributor to New York City, New York State and the USA.

The moment she can, she will LEGALLY apply for a Green Card.

Try to imagine how my niece feels watching millions of immigrant deadbeats DEMAND their RIGHT to become Americans by virtue of breaking the law, while she has played by all the rules?

If the President, House of Representatives, and Senate accommodate the mass of ILLEGAL humanity in America, the message they will be sending will be that America is open for abuse where there is no percentage in playing by the rules.

I realize that it is impossible to kick-out 13 or more million people. I also realize that it was the greed of corporate America that encouraged and enabled this massive ILLEGAL immigration.

It was also the Unions which welcomed more people into their fold. And individuals who wanted cheap domestic help.

But most of all, it is the politicians who are most responsible for this mess, because they won’t do the right thing out of fear of losing Hispanic votes.

If that alone is not enough to tell you how much political power these ILLEGAL immigrants already have, nothing else will.

If it were up to me, I’d make it so that ILLEGAL Immigrants without criminal records can stay until they’re old and grey. But NEVER would I allow them to become citizens by virtue of how they came to be in America.

AND THEN I’D BUILD A WALL from California to the furthest eastern part of Texas, and man it with as many National Guard troops as are necessary to make sure that this stupidity ends.

Every time I hear someone in the media call ILLEGAL immigrants “undocumented”, it makes me nauseous. AND I’M NOT AMERICAN!

What a mess.

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  1. I am a believing Christian and I support Israel and everything you say here is right. It is awful what is going on. Where is the TRUTH in the media? It is disgusting to me that some people STILL support Hamas even when it has been shown they are lying about the so called criminal acts of Israel. WHERE is truth in giving the news? Nothing but anti Israel propaganda on the leftest stations. And how can JEWS (Liberal, of course) side with the left??? I do not get it. K

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