I Am The Palestinians’ Keeper

Why is the West spending billions of hard earned tax dollars and tax euros to prop-up Palestine?


I was reading today (April 7, 2006) that the USA will be increasing support for the Palestinian people to $300 million dollars per year; drawing a distinction between financing the TERRORIST Hamas government and the grass roots Palestinian people.

It’s a little bizarre to draw this distinction between Hamas and the Palestinian people, since the vast majority of Palestinians voted for the Hamas TERRORISTS. But that’s a debate for a different Editorial.

What is even more bizarre, is why we in the West feel compelled to be underwriting the Palestinian people, when the stinking rich Arab nations in the Middle East do not.

There have been many pledges made by oil rich Arab states promising to help the impoverished Palestinians. But it seems that help only comes to the Palestinians when they’re murdering Jews. Otherwise, the Arab promises of help are just that: promises.

At this stage of the conflict, Israeli security, the Security Wall, and the exit of Israeli Settlers from Gaza have substantially reduced the opportunities for Palestinians to murder Israeli Jews.

No great numbers of dead Jews – No substantial influx of Arab money.

So why is the West spending billions of hard earned tax dollars and tax euros to prop-up Palestine?

The only reason I can deduce, is to keep the Palestinians in one place.

As it presently sits, almost one third of employable Palestinians are on their government’s payroll. But government is not an industry. Nor should it be.

Then we hear numbers which indicate that almost half of all employable Palestinians are without work.

If 30% of all Palestinians who do work, work in some manner or other for their government, but half of all Palestinians are unemployed, it only stands to reason to believe that there is virtually no commerce or industry at all in Palestine.

And by extension, the only revenue available to Palestine is what comes from international charity. And from that charity, most of it comes from the West.

There was a time before Oslo (1993), and then the Camp David Peace Talks and the subsequent Intifada (2000), when Palestinians earned good money by working in Israel, or for Israeli companies which purchased Palestinian goods made in Israeli financed factories located in the West Bank and Gaza.

But non stop suicide murders and ambushes sanctioned by Arafat ended all of that. And then came the Israeli Security Barrier that ended whatever was left.

But there’s even more to Palestinian misery than just unemployment:

What about water and electricity?

What happens if Israel decides not to make power and water available to the Palestinians?

When one considers what it takes in the most basic consideration to be a sovereign country, the Palestinians don’t even come close. Without charity from the West, and electricity and water from Israel, what we call Palestine would be nothing more than a starving wasteland.

Perhaps the West finances the Palestinian people because they feel responsible for this mess. Had the West (Europe and North America) not forced Israel out of the West Bank and Gaza back in 1993, the Palestinian people would have been absorbed into Greater Israel and that would have been that.

But, by forcing the conditions for the Palestinians to accept national responsibilities they were absolutely unprepared for, the West has no other moral option than to continue feeding the beast of its own creation.

The other two choices for the West is to watch the Palestinians literally starve to death in a society without basic social, economic and mechanical infrastructure.

The second choice would be a mass exodus of Palestinians to other parts of the Middle East, Europe and North America.

And even though the West will never admit it, the last thing Europe and North America want in their cultures are Palestinians.

As for Middle Eastern countries: they want even less to do with the Palestinians than does the West.

Jordan is already 70% Palestinian, governed by a very shaky Hashemite King, whose late father (Hussein) fought off a Palestinian led coup d’état in 1970.

Syria is a poverty nation governed by a secular dictator who likes when Palestinians kill Jews on his behalf. But does not necessarily like Palestinians.

Lebanon is already on the edge, and remembers their brutal civil war waged by Palestinians led by Arafat. I doubt very much if Lebanon would like to take another walk down memory lane with the Palestinians.

As for terribly impoverished Egypt, which is in itself a powder keg waiting to explode, the last thing Egypt needs is more gunpowder in the vein of Palestinians.

And as for the rest for the Arab world; the only use they have for Palestinians is cannon fodder for their phony war against Israel, which also gives them an excuse not to provide better care for their own people.

The West has created a mess that only the West can deal with. Hence: We have become the Palestinian’s keepers. LUCKY US!

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  1. We all know that Hamas uses civilians and children as human shields but no one in the Western world could fathom it. Thus they all call for Israeli restrain. My question is, how come there was a video tape ready to show the world how those 3 cousins playing on the beach where killed. The CTV and NBC reporters’ words where “they never made it to safety” So my question again, if it wasn’t staged, why where those “inocent” children allowed on the beach during an attack, and who video tape it ?

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