Here’s Your Chance To Make A Difference In The Islamic War Against The West.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing" Edmond Burke


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Here is a name you’ve probably never heard: Ezra Levant. Here’s a publication which you’ve probably never heard of either: The Western Standard.

And here’s the story about both:

Ezra Levant is a Conservative Alberta social and political activist. But not in the fashion one would usually attribute to activists. He isn’t some wild eyed fanatic determined to change your world to suit his own image.

His activism is all about responsible government and responsible individual choice.

To Ezra Levant, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, along with the other FREEDOMS we believe in should be the inalienable RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH, FREEDOM of the PRESS, FREEDOM of ASSEMBLY, FREEDOM of RELIGION and FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION to name but a few.

The Western Standard is a weekly magazine published by Ezra Levant, which expresses his opinions and the opinions of others who are like-minded advocates of individual RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.


Ezra Levant’s magazine, The Western Standard, and Ezra Levant are under attack from Islam for daring to exercise their RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH. And their RIGHT to FREEDOM of the PRESS.

But remarkably, or not so remarkably given that this attack is within Canada, Ezra Levant and his Western Standard Magazine are being sued by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

THE CRIME: Publishing the Danish Mohamed Cartoons.

An idiot Islamist (Syed Soharwardy) complained to the Alberta Human Rights Commission that the Prophet Mohamed, his religion (Islam) and he himself were defamed by these cartoons published in the Western Standard.

And in true LEFTIST form, the bigger idiots at the Alberta Human Rights Commission have agreed to pursue Ezra Levant and his publication.

Imagine; here’s a guy who used his magazine to disseminate news in a fashion that is totally in keeping with what we expect from our Free Press.

Yet, for doing what is absolutely acceptable and expected of in a Democratic society such as ours, the watchdog Alberta Human Rights Commission which was created to protect individual FREEDOMS, is trying to shut him up and muzzle the press.

I don’t even have to ask if you see a problem with this, because if you don’t, you’re reading the wrong Blog.

I imagine that Ezra Levant and his magazine will win against the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the idiot Islamist(s) who opposes Canada’s FREEDOM of the Press and FREE Speech.

But that’s not the point.

Because it is the Alberta Human Rights Commission taking-on Canada’s RIGHT to FREEDOM of the Press and FREE Speech, it is costing the Islamist NOTHING to harass Levant, and perhaps as much as $75,000 for Levant to defend himself and his magazine.


The Alberta Human Rights Commission exists exclusively on tax-payer dollars. Therefore; Ezra Levant and his magazine are being indirectly sued by the people of Alberta, even though Albertans are amongst the most dedicated proponents of FREE SPEECH.

By extension, it isn’t just Ezra Levant and The Western Standard who and which are under attack from Islam and idiot LEFTISTS. It is all of us.

Levant showed true journalistic courage in publishing the Mohamed Cartoons, when virtually no other Canadian or American media would. And as a result, he has made a vital point in defending our RIGHT not to be censored by government or by threat of special interests.

Ezra Levant and his plucky magazine stood for us. NOW IT’S TIME THAT WE STAND FOR HIM!

Ezra Levant has sent out a request for money to help defend himself and his magazine from this spurious law-suit.

And since it is all of us who are on-trial in terms of our basic FREEDOMS and RIGHTS, we should send money to Levant, not so much as to support him and The Western Standard which so richly deserves our support. But mostly to support ourselves.

Here is a WEB address for the Western Standard Defense Fund:

You can send them as little as $10, or as much as you want. All of which will contribute to THREE very important benefits:

1) Ezra Levant and his Magazine will not be financially buried by a Canadian (Alberta) bureaucracy gone nuts at the behest of an idiot Islamist.

2) By sending your money, you get into the fight for your own RIGHTS not to be restricted by censors and special interest intimidation.

3) With enough individual contributions, it will show that people who demand to be FREE, will not just stand idly by while Islamists and idiot LEFTIST bureaucrats ride rough-shod over what should be our inviolable RIGHTS.

You don’t have to be Canadian to contribute. Islam has declared war on the West and on all of our Western FREEDOMS. This is everyone’s fight, whether you’re a Canadian or not.

I will be calling the Western Standard today to make my contribution by credit card. I hope you do too.

Edmond Burke wrote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing”.


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  1. Suppose leaflets were dropped all over Gaza City claiming the Israeli city of Beersheba had been 90% destroyed by Hamas rockets killing thousands of Jews including women and children. I suspect there would be Palestinians dancing in the street rejoicing these deaths. Then perhaps the Media might understand the true faith of these “innocent” human shields… Naw, probably not.

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