How To Keep America American In 6 Easy Steps.

Soon, huge parts of America will begin to look more like enchiladas than Mom's Apple Pie.


A few weeks ago, Anne and I had reason to be at the US border to discuss new paperwork needed to transport our horses for weekend camping getaways in America.

And while discussing the horses, just out of curiosity, we also spoke with an immigration agent about Visas and Green Cards for ourselves.

Anne and I have an interest in perhaps moving South to the USA one of these days.

So far it’s just an interest, considering how backward the USA healthcare system is. But that’s a different story for a different Editorial.

Basically, what the immigration agent told us, was that getting into the USA through legitimate channels is no walk in the park.

But because of what Anne and I do for a living, and that we will employ Americans if we immigrated, getting into the USA with an L1 Visa can be done with a mountain of paperwork, some legal fees if we don’t want to do it ourselves, and a delay that could take as long as a year.

But we would most probably get in with a time restricted Visa. In other words; depending on our Visa, we would have to renew it every one, three or five years. But during that period, we could apply for the more permanent Green Card.

Anne and I are well educated. We run our own successful business which I founded in 1979. About 60% of our current business is done in the USA. We are employers and contributors to our community. And we read, write and speak fluent English since it is our native language.

And we are very much in tune with the American culture, since the culture of the USA is not really that different from our own, even though some Canadians will beg to differ.

But very little of all that is relevant to getting in.

Here’s the rub:

If I was an immigration cheat who had no job, could not speak the English language and demanded that America’s culture should change to reflect mine, I could be in the USA tomorrow. Hell. Both of us (Anne and I) could be in the USA tomorrow.

And if the American government doesn’t like it. I would demonstrate. I’d wave my national flag that isn’t American. And I’d demand my rights. What rights those are I don’t know since I would have broken the law to be in the USA. But I’d demand them nonetheless.

It’s sort of like invading a neighbors basement and squatting. And when the neighbor discovers you in HIS or HER house you demand the RIGHT to stay.

America has a HUGE problem. And by extension, so does Canada. How the American economy and culture goes, so goes Canada. And for the long term, it isn’t looking good.

On television, I watched hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants marching throughout the USA demanding their RIGHT to stay and be able to work.

I also watched them waving (mostly) Mexican flags. Isn’t it curious how people who want to live in the USA wave the flag of a foreign country in a show of allegiance?

The people who the “political-correctness-bunch” refer to as UNDOCUMENTED immigrants, are nothing more than ILLEGAL immigrants who have taken advantage of poor American border security, and greedy Americans willing to hire them for low wages.

While it is estimated that there could be as many as 12 million ILLEGAL immigrants in the USA, it is indeed possible that those numbers could be much higher since there is no way to tell.

But whatever the number is. It’s simply too high. And worse. It’s getting higher by the day.

In a perfect world, the Americans should just deport the lot of them. But in a perfect world, none of this would have ever happened.

But even though this isn’t a perfect world, it seems to me that there is a workable solution amongst all of the solutions being debated by the Senate, House and White House.

And here it is:

1) Priority Number 1 has to be to build an impenetrable immigration wall between Mexico and the USA. And while the wall is being built, deploy as many thousands of National Guard troops along the USA/Mexico and USA/Canadian borders as are necessary.

2) Force every ILLEGAL immigrant to register. Those who do not – deport. Those with criminal records – deport. Those who won’t work – deport.

3) Make it clear that those ILLEGAL immigrants can remain in the USA as long as they play by the rules, but will never have the chance to become US citizens. Their children who were, or will be born in the USA will be US citizens, but not the parents.

4) ILLEGAL immigrants should never be allowed to vote in the USA. Not even in municipal or school board elections.

Since they cheated to get in, there should be a consequence. And not having a say in the management of any part of the social and political fabric of the USA is the least they should suffer.

5) And the one strike rule. Screw-up just once. One criminal conviction and you’re gone.

6) To make certain that the American culture remains the American culture; The USA should pass an all encompassing language law that makes it mandatory that the ONLY OFFICIAL LANGUAGE in the USA will be English.

No bilingual driver’s licences. No bilingual copy of government laws. No bilingual or immersion public schools. No official public bilingual anything.

To do less than what I have proposed in the preceding is a guarantee that huge parts of America will begin to look more like enchiladas than Mom’s Apple Pie. And then the misery will really start.

Canada deported a group of Portugese ILLEGAL immigrants the other week. It was heart wrenching to see them on television news. These were fine people who worked and contributed to our society. But they were here illegally.

As much as it hurt to see the tearful Portugese families being kicked out of Canada, I understand that to do less would be enormously unfair to would be immigrants waiting their turn in line.

I also understand, that not to deport them makes our immigration policies a joke.

The American people better learn to understand that too. Sooner rather than later.

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