Why Are People From The West Who Are On The Wrong Side Treated Like Heros?

The wrong-siders are in their own way as much a part of the problem, as the enemy who's at war with Democracy, Modernity and Individual Rights.


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I’m spending a great deal of time on the road taking care of business these days. So much so, that I was away from home since Tuesday until yesterday (March 31, 2006) late afternoon.

And don’t think for a second, that not having the time to write about all of the many things that happened this past week wasn’t driving me crazy. IT WAS!

For openers: Here was Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor reporter who was “allegedly” held by Iraqi insurgents for three months, who was all of a sudden mysteriously released totally unharmed.

Before I go on: I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. And I suspect that she was up to her neck in some sort of a sick game where she was more of a participant than a victim.

At first, it was told that Carroll was a devout protagonist of the Iraqi people who was totally immersed in their history, culture and language. So why did she need a translator who was murdered during her kidnaping?

When the first videos were released showing Carroll being held by three armed insurgents, not including the person with the camera, she cried, and passionately begged for the demands of the insurgents to be met, or else they were going to kill her.

But immediately upon her release, she paints a much different picture.

She says that she was kept in a nicely furnished room with some sort of window that she couldn’t see out through. And she had regular access to a shower that was immediately next to her room.

She saw television just once. And she read just one newspaper.

She says that she was fed more food than she could eat. And at no time, did any of her captors hit her, or threaten to hit her. And she NEVER felt threatened.

And upon her release, why was her first interview (clad in a hijab) on Iraqi television (instead of Western television) where she received prepared gifts from the interviewer, including an ornate Koran in a decorative presentation box which she gushed over?

Why were these gifts for Jill Carroll just waiting for her?

Carroll claims that she went to the Iraqi media before seeking out Western aid because she was threatened by her captors with some kind of horrible penalty if she went to the West for safety.


Didn’t Jill Carroll say FIRST AND FOREMOST during her Iraqi interview that she wanted everyone to know that she was NEVER threatened by her abductors and that she was treated very well?

So which version is it?

If she never felt threatened by her captors; what was the crying and begging all about in her hostage tapes?

It should also be stated that Jill Carroll was NOT an employee of the Christian Science Monitor until one week after her abduction.

Until then, Carroll was nothing more and nothing less than an obscure freelance journalist looking for a story and fame. Now she’s got both.

Then there are the Christian peaceniks who have a problem with the Western troops who rescued them. I have a problem with the peaceniks.

Doesn’t it seem strange that these proponents of peace and love can only find anger and hate in their hearts for the Western nations which are trying to bring freedom and Democracy to nations governed by thugs, while they say nothing about the thugs the West are working so hard at to eliminate?

Where in Iraq were these vocal peaceniks before the overthrow of Saddam and his henchmen, while millions of Iraqis lived in abject fear?

Why aren’t they in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other countries like the aforementioned spreading their word of peace and love in countries that are ruled exclusively by the gun?

Here’s my suggestion for the privateers like the peaceniks and the Jill Carrolls of this world. If you’re caught by the people you’re supposedly there to defend: TOUGH LUCK!

Western armies have enough to do in Iraq and Afghanistan without having to worry about the likes of these thankless sickos who are very much on the wrong side of this deal.

And in closing:

Thank you to Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who simply said to Hamas, the TERRORIST government of the Palestinian people, that Canada will have nothing to do with them.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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  1. This is all in Gods plan for Israel. This Country will be there when no other country will be left standing, there is nothing anyone can do to change the plans of God. He has always taken care of his people and as a Gentile I understand. Think about it ? If the mad man of Germany didn’t wipe His people off the face of this earth why do we think Hamas will succeed ?

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