Bad Movie-Goer Behavior

It's interesting how the industry so easily disregards bad behavior and poor manners as two of the key reasons for the decline in movie theater attendance.


Anne and I love movies, so much so, that we used to go to as many as two movies per week, so when it came to Oscar time, we knew all the players.

But we don’t go to movies any longer.

The movie industry is losing money because fewer people are paying to see movies in the theaters. The general belief is two fold.

1) The movies have become too expensive for the average movie-goer.

2) The quality of movies in terms of story and subject-matter are not that good.

Although there is truth in both preceding points, there’s another big issue.

Because it costs so much money to go to a movie, which includes the cost of gas to get to the theatre, the cost of tickets, the cost of refreshments, the after-movie restaurant meal and a baby sitter (if applicable), you’d expect to have a pleasant stress-free evening out.

But that’s not the case.

Instead, what we have in today’s theater experience (beside the movie and all costs) is the following:

1) Popcorn servers who are too often rude.

2) People who show up looking for available seats after the movie has begun.

3) People who leave a single vacant seat between themselves and the next person closest to them.

4) Idiots who talk or whisper during the movie.

5) Other idiots who don’t turn-off their cell phones. Or worse, answer during the movie.

6) And the newest phenomena are the geniuses who illuminate the theatre by lifting their cell phone flip-tops to see who’s calling.

As a result, Anne and I simply do not waste our time and money going to movie theaters any longer. And I bet we’re not the only ones.

It’s interesting how the industry so easily disregards bad behavior and poor manners as two of the key reasons for the decline in movie theater attendance. It seems as though bad behavior and poor manners have become an acceptable manner of conduct.

To listen to the “experts”, it’s all about money and product. But to Anne and myself, and I’m certain to many others just like us, it’s also about bad behavior and poor manners.

Why should we pay hard earned money, and waste an evening-out being aggravated by rude people who couldn’t care less for the space and comfort of others?

If the movie industry is really interested in making a difference to their sales, they’ll get serious about enforcing better conduct amongst their patrons. Otherwise, people like Anne and myself will just wait for the Pay TV version when it comes out.

And when you think about it, Pay TV at home is a great alternative.

We have a 61″ state of the art Toshiba Big Screen with HD through Star Choice and 5:1 Surround Sound. We can eat popcorn for pennies, any kind of pizza or whatever, and soft drinks for $0.99 for two liters opposed to $3-$5 for a waxed cardboard cup.

We can even bring wine or beer. And better than that, if there’s any talking, it’s us doing it. And there’s no one to say no to bringing our two cats and Scot the Sheltie Center of the Universe.

And the total cost for this great movie experience including movie and snacks is way under $10 for both of us. And we don’t even have to move the car.

Now that I think about it, maybe bad behavior and poor manners have been a positive thing for us.

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