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A religion of peace needs no defense

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It’s interesting how Islamists sing in chorus that their religion has been highjacked by extremists, every time one of those so-called extremists murder innocent people in the name of Islam.

And then comes the mantra about Islam being a religion of peace, as if we in the West are somehow guilty of assuming Islam is anything but a religion of peace.

It seems strange to me how Moslems worldwide, especially in the West are so quick to condemn Israel when a Palestinian Moslem is looked upon the wrong way, but have hermetically sealed lips when it comes to their own kind murdering fellow and sister Moslems.

Where’s the Moslem outrage when Iraqis are blowing up Iraqis (men, women and children) at bus stops, markets, schools, police stations and Mosques, all in the name of Islam?

And what about all of the Moslem honor killings (murders) committed by brothers and fathers against sisters and daughters accused of sexual dishonor?

We also can’t simply dismiss the murder by stoning of women for infidelity, unmarried sex, or prostitution.

Imagine standing in front of a Western judge, explaining that you killed your daughter (or sister) because she messed around with her boyfriend, and the judge says not guilty by virtue of the dead girls lascivious behavior.

It appears to me, that for a religion of peace, there’s an awful lot of internecine murder in the world of Islam.

And what about the fact that every nation on this planet which is ruled by Islam is a failed nation?


It’s not enough for Moslem lobbyists in the West to campaign on behalf of the religion of peace, when virtually every international outrage is carried on by Moslems in the name of Islam.

Amongst Jews, Christians and Atheists, there is no explaining or apologizing for bad behavior. And we don’t hear Rabbis, Priests, Ministers or Atheists declaring war (Jihad) on each other’s religions, or lack thereof.

We non Moslems are not allowed to murder in the name of our respective beliefs. Nor are we honored as martyrs if we die in the act of religicide.

We’re also not allowed to subjugate an entire people (gender) as the Moslems do with “THEIR” women. Slavery in the Western world is very much frowned upon.

Imagine how we in the West would react to a Christian or a Jew murdering in the name of either of their religions?

How long would it take for every government agency and international media to start screaming bloody murder if a Rabbi, Priest or Minister said in his or her sermon that it is alright to murder in the name of Christianity or Judaism?

What do you think the reaction would be from “normal” people if sermons amongst Christians and Jews repeatedly called Moslems the descendants of monkeys and pigs?

And what about Moslem schools and summer camps where children are taught hatred, intolerance, and suspicion of other religions?

There are Christian White Supremacist hate-camps for children, especially in the American Bible Belt. But we don’t try to explain or justify them.

We especially ridicule the Supremacists on television and in the movies. And wherever possible, we use them as demented caricatures. Which is the very least they deserve.

To me though, I see no difference between the Islamists and the White Supremacists. The only difference is how we in the Secular West respond to the Supremacists compared to how Moslems respond to Islamists.

We enter into a no-win trap of semantics with Islamist apologists when we consider debating the concept of their make-believe religion of peace, when in fact, Islam as we know it from experience is anything but.

The next time a Moslem lobbyist opens his or her mouth to defend his or her religion of peace, the focus should not be on us who challenge them, but rather on them who challenge us.

Let them explain how murder, the teaching of hatred, and misogyny in the name of Islam can be translated into peace. And when they say that their religion has been highjacked by extremists, tell them to look in the mirror and ask what they see.

Do they see a highjacker, an extremist, a liar, a delusionist or a coward?

A religion of peace needs no defense.

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  1. The United States is a master of fighting “limited wars” and thus losing them, i.e., Korea, Vietnam, etc. It is no surprise that our leftist press and politicians should want Israel to pull its punches, also. Thank God Israel has Mr. Netanyahu at its helm. I can only wish that the United States had a president of his caliber.

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