After A Long Delay – Here’s What I Think

You'd think that writing about the things that piss-me-off most would be somewhat cathartic. But it's not.


It’s been quite a while since my last Editorial (February 27, 2006). And to my great surprise, many of you who regularly read what I write, and/or listen to what I have to say have e-mailed me with your concern.

To say that I’m both touched and flattered is an understatement.

As I’ve written many times, Galganov Dot Com is a passion that I immerse myself into with great joy. I write and broadcast for my own pleasure. And if it is also appreciated by others, so much the better.

But, since Galganov Dot com is not a job, I also have no obligation to keep churning out my thoughts and ideas as if there was some kind of schedule or quota.

Lately, along with Anne, I’ve been extremely busy running our advertising agency which finances our lifestyle. The profits from which feeds, shelters and cares for the horses, the cats and the dog. It also keeps a roof over our heads.

So, in the past few weeks, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling for our business and making presentations. It’s been totally time-consuming and all encompassing. But worth it.

The other reason for the lack of Editorials has more to do with burn-out. It’s harder than you think to continuously keep writing about things that are aggravating.

You’d think that writing about the things that piss-me-off most would be somewhat cathartic. But it’s not. In essence, it’s pretty much draining. It’s an addiction. And like any addiction, it’s very hard to stop.

In my case, being addicted to writing political Editorials is not an addiction I wish to wean myself from. Nor do I want to stop.

It’s just that every now and then I need a break from writing and broadcasting. And this was it.

Because I’ve not been writing or broadcasting, does not mean that I’ve not been paying attention. Nor does it mean that I haven’t formed opinions.

The following is a synopsis of related and unrelated thoughts that have crossed my mind during the past few weeks.

1) Bravo to Canada’s new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, for traveling to Kandahar over this weekend to show his personal solidarity with our fighting men and women.

It’s about time that a Canadian Prime Minister has shown our troops the respect and support they deserve. It’s also time that a Canadian Prime Minister showed some guts.

2) Iraq is not on the brink of civil war. It’s already up to it’s neck in civil war. The only thing missing is the “official” declaration.

3) Bush blew it when he didn’t declare victory and pull his troops out of Iraq upon the capture of Saddam Hussein.

With every day that now passes, America and her allies are becoming more and more mired in an Arab/Moslem misery without end.

That said: Perhaps the long-range thinking of the Bush White House was to gain the Iraqi foothold for an even longer-term strategy of taking out Iran and Syria.

But I doubt it. It seems to me that Bush and his team are making it up as they go along.

4) The UAE fiasco has rightly come back to bite Bush and his Arab friends in the ass.

Bush and his supporters (including the not so supporting press) keep talking about how an Arab company with a solid record should not be disqualified from owning a specific business in the USA, simply because they’re an Arab company.

In this case, it isn’t as simple as just owning a business in the USA. It’s about owning a business that is integral to national interests and security.

And it’s not just an Arab company that wanted to own the rights to manage the 6 East Coast US Ports in question. It was an Arab DICTATOR who would have owned those rights.

5) It has been suggested that the UAE and other “friendly” Gulf Arab states might find reason and ways to somehow punish the USA for being Arab/Islamophobic.

What will they do, refuse to be protected by the American armed forces so they could be overrun by Al Qaeda?

6) The other thing I keep hearing, is how helpful and important the UAE and other Gulf Arab states are to the intelligence needed for America’s war against TERRORISM.

If the American military is that dependent upon the Gulf Arabs for military intelligence, the Americans would be best off if they surrendered now. That’s what I think of Middle Eastern Arab loyalty, dependability and competence.

7) Then there’s the collateral issue to this event which deals with Arab/Islamophobia.

It has been charged (the case also made by President Bush) that the real reason for the American population and Congress’ scathing reaction to the UAE takeover of the US Ports was racism.


It escapes me why the media, intellectuals, and even the White House are so astounded by the fact that the American people don’t want foreign Arab/Moslems controlling important American assets.

Of course there’s an American backlash against Arab/Moslems from the Middle East. Why shouldn’t there be?

Who was it that repeatedly hit the USA from the time of the rise of Khomeini?

Who attacked American civilians on American soil? Who murdered Marines in Beirut who were there on a humanitarian mission of peace?

The list of attacks by Arab/Moslems against Americans and American interests is too large to write it all down. But you know the list as well as I do.

And every time an American pulls up to the pumps for gas, or needs to have the furnace oil tank filled: who is that American going to blame for energy costs that are pushing individuals and the USA towards financial and social ruin?

The view I prefer, is that the Arabs can see for themselves that their policies and actions are not without consequences.

8) But after all is said and done, the most important issue to me, is the impending disaster that is already becoming synonymous with the George W Bush White House.

Bush has taken events which were guaranteed to make him a great President in the history of American Presidents, and turned them into reasons that will make his Presidency as failed in his own way, as Jimmy Carter’s was in his.

Bush didn’t know when to declare victory. And he didn’t know how to hide his loyalty to the oil barons of the USA and the Middle East. Instead, he squandered American goodwill towards himself and his Presidency on the alter of international avarice.

It’s too bad since a lot of people went out on the limb for him. Myself included.

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  1. Bibi needs to simply ignore Obama who is so feckless he would cry if Bibi bitch-slapped him. Enough is enough. There’s no doubt in my mind that Obama is a Muslim who has been lying about it for years.

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