George W Bush Is Snatching Iraq’s Defeat From The West’s Jaws Of Victory.

What Carter forgot to say about "his" negotiated Camp David Peace Agreement between Egypt and Israel is as follows:


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Every time President George W Bush speaks of Iraq, he reminds us that it is a Democracy, and the goal of his administration is to Democratize the Middle East.

Here’s a new’s flash: IRAQ IS NOT A DEMOCRACY!

To us Westerners, Democracy means nothing, if it is not defined by a Constitution that guarantees the inalienable RIGHTS of minorities and individuals.

Included in these RIGHTS which we in the West too often take for granted are: The Right to Freedoms of Speech, Expression, the Press, Association, Mobility, and Religion.

We also guarantee the Freedoms of Gender Choice, Women’s Right to Choose, and not to have any manner of Discrimination in the Work Place.

And to the very best of my understanding, we even go so far as to make it illegal to ask the Religious beliefs of anyone in all of our Western Democracies when interviewing for a job or a place to live.

But most of all, we are guaranteed the RIGHT to be governed under the SECULAR RULE OF LAW.

None of the above defines what the White House wants us to believe reflects the Democracy in Iraq, since the PRIMARY directive in the Iraqi Constitution dictates that Islam and the Laws of Islam precede all other laws.

President Bush wants us to believe that the Iraqi military, and Iraqi police are beginning to take over the security arrangements from the Western troops. But truth be told, the Iraqis are in no shape to do it. By all accounts, Iraqi recruits desert almost as fast as they sign up.

And as for the Iraqi police: it has just been disclosed that some of the Shiite police are operating death squads killing Sunnis.

The other incontrovertible truth is that people (Iraqis and foreigners) are being murdered or kidnaped every day on the streets of Iraq, with virtual impunity for the criminals.

And for the cherry atop the whipped-cream, the so-called Democratic government of Iraq has just made it clear to the USA and all the other Western forces in their country, that they will never adhere to a Secular system of rules and laws.

Some Democracy eh?

To move a few miles further into the Islamic Middle Eastern mess, we can take a good look at yet another Democratically elected Arab government in the Palestinian Territories.

The Palestinians elected the TERRORIST and Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas to be their government. But to hear it from the mouths of Arab Islamist appeasers, the Palestinians didn’t really vote for TERRORISM or for an Islamist Theocracy. They just wanted change.

Why do we in the West play games with ourselves? Why do we believe that the Palestinians are too stupid to know what they were voting for when they voted for Hamas?

I saw former President Jimmy Carter on television the other night, explaining why it is important to give Hamas and the Palestinian people the benefit of the doubt. And to give them a chance to build a government.

Carter held-up his March 26, 1979 Camp David Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt as an example of possibilities for peace between Israel and Israel’s Arab neighbors.

But, what Carter forgot to say about “his” negotiated Camp David Peace Agreement between Egypt and Israel is as follows:

1) Egypt, in concert with Syria, launched a sneak attack on Israel during the holy Jewish day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) on June 6, 1973 at noon while most Jewish Israelis were either praying in Synagogues or taking the day to relax.

Not only was the sneak attack successful, finding the Israelis totally unprepared, the attackers came very close to overrunning the Jewish State.

But instead of beating Israel, Israel turned the tables on the Arabs and kicked the crap out of them.

On October 22, 1973, General Ariel Sharon’s troops had Egypt’s 3rd Army surrounded in the Sinai, and only at the behest of the United States of America and UN Resolution 338 demanding the end of the war, did Israel spare the Egyptian troops.

After this sneak attack on Israel, with Egypt’s utter defeat, Egypt was left beaten, battered and broke. What choice did the Egyptians have but to seek some sort of peace, especially if they wanted their captured Sinai and oil-wells returned to them by Israel?

2) Then there was a small matter of bribery. Carter conveniently forgets to mention that the USA pays Egypt about $2 BILLION per year for keeping their side of the Peace Agreement with Israel. That’s more than $50 BILLION from 1979 till 2006.

Without the American bribe money, it is unlikely the bankrupt Egyptian government would be able to survive in power.

3) Anwar Sadat was murdered because he signed a Peace Treaty with Israel. That’s how much the Egyptian Arabs were willing to make peace with Israel. In reality, Israel’s Peace Treaty with Egypt was more of a Peace Treaty with Sadat, and now with Mubarak,

4) To this day, the Egyptians are convinced that they won the Yom Kippur War, and it was them that showed mercy to Israel by pulling back. But why would anyone be surprised at the self-delusion of the Arab people?

5) Carter’s Camp David Peace Treaty with Israel will only survive as long as Mubarak survives. Once Mubarak goes, especially if the Moslem Brotherhood takes control of Egypt, just like their surrogate Hamas did in Palestine – goodbye Peace Agreement.

I doubt that Carter is so stupid that he doesn’t realize this. So I’m assuming he thinks we’re so stupid that we don’t know the truth, just like we don’t know the truth about how he bungled the Hostage crisis with the Iranians.

The Arab Moslem Middle East is incorrigible. And if George W Bush isn’t careful, Iraq will do to him, what Iran did to Carter. But with greater consequences for the Free World.

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  1. Very well put. The one redeeming factor this time, is that Israel is no longer apologising for winning. I watched Wolf Blitzer interview various reps from Israel, and Wolf was baiting them, repeatedly about the 4 teens killed on the beach,each time the Israeli reps focused on Israel defending itself. In short, they made no apology for winning.Wolf then cut away.
    Felt good not to have to bow down. It is not 1932, we can all stand tall and be proud of little Israel.

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