A Leftist Is A Coward Who Sends Your Children To War Instead Of His Own.

The Leftist elitists will for the time-being keep their mouths shut, since whatever they've been saying has been proven to be wrong.

All of a sudden there are voices of concern from the Left. Their simple vision of who wears the white hats, and who wears the black hats is no longer quite clear to them.

Their good guys who hate the USA and Israel are no longer looking so good.

Even after the Nazi Death Camps were no longer a secret, the Left went out of their way to explain that it was just the smallest of all possible minorities in Germany and other parts of Europe who were responsible for the Holocaust.

To them, the attempted eradication of the Jewish gene couldn’t be. This kind of evil just doesn’t compute with them.

And where was their criticism for Stalin, who was responsible for the killing of tens of millions, while imprisoning millions more in his Gulag, and hundreds of millions more behind his Iron Curtain?

Where was the voice of the Left when the Soviet Union enslaved more than half of Europe, while at the same time, they armed, financed and encouraged wars throughout the world?

Even today, the Left is virtually silent on China, and continues to support Cuba’s Castro, while the new darling of the Leftists is the South American madman Hugo Chavez.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in what the Left is saying today, only because they’re scared and have run out of answers and excuses for the way their vision of a perfect world is collapsing all around them.

Generally, the Left pretends to be mired in deep thought, always trying to argue every side of every debate, looking for the root-cause while seeing enemies amongst our ranks of captains of industry and successful entrepreneurs.

But, how do they square this circle, when their favorite TERRORISTS are now targeting them?

The Leftists have always been mostly self-centered intellectual phonies, who are immensely impressed with their own perceived ability to reason beyond the grasp of Conservative neanderthals, absolutely confident in their knowledge that they, and they alone are the keepers of the truth.

But all of a sudden those Leftist absolutes, seem a little less absolute.

Even now, you can hear the silence from the likes of Michael Moore. You can see the disdain people are developing for the Cindy Sheehan types. And you can read the all of a sudden less sympathetic to the TERRORIST editorials in the mainstream media.

It is no secret that Right Wing Talk Radio is growing by every broadcast. And that Liberal Talk Radio is virtually irrelevant. Just look at Air America which is struggling to survive.

And now that the Golden Globe Awards named a movie about Palestinian, Arab, Moslem, murdering TERRORISTS as its Best Foreign Language Film of the year; and the Academy Awards has followed suit with the same nomination for the same category, the higher profile Leftists will start to disappear even more.

It’s one thing to crap on the Jews of Israel and ridicule the Conservative government of the USA.

Even during Oscar Night.

But it’s another thing entirely to support and honor a culture and religion that is scaring the piss out of Western societies over something as lame as a few political cartoons.

The Leftist elitists will for the time-being keep their mouths shut, since whatever they’ve been saying has been proven to be wrong.

But after the inevitable fighting and dying is done. And the enemy has been vanquished. The Left will rise again to tell the warriors how wrong they were, and how right the Left was.

This isn’t a prognostication. It’s simply the way history will repeat itself.

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