Being So Visible Is Not In The Islamists’ Best Interests

Seeing Islamists threatening us in our own streets in Canada, the USA and Europe got the attention of the people the Islamists would best want to avoid.


I’ve received a mountain of e-mails regarding my last Editorial and Broadcast published February 15, 2006: “And The Oscar Goes To Murderers”.

The best letter I received came from Montrealer Joe Eliott who wrote: “And why not? They give Peace Prizes to them. Why not give Oscars?”

It doesn’t take a great deal of introspection to figure out just how right Joe Eliott really is.

All you have to look at is the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Egyptian born Yasser Arafat, the father of modern-day TERRORISM, and the person most responsible for the murders of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children.

The Islamists have some of us totally conned. And some of us totally terrified.

To some of the Liberal Leftists, being even-handed to the point where they’re arguing against themselves, as was stated in a letter published (by Ernest Semple, February 16, 2006), that they have lost all concept of what the real battle is all about.

To other Liberal Leftists, the very idea of confrontation is so scary, that they’d rather hide behind bribes and platitudes in the delusional hope that they can buy our (their) safety.

The cowardly appeasers tried that with the Nazis. And we all know how that ended.

But not everyone is too scared to stand-up.

As former Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban once said: The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

In this case, they’ve once again missed an opportunity to shut-up.

The original (belated) Moslem reaction to the Danish Mohamed Cartoons drew a tremendous amount of (unwarranted) sympathy and apologies from the West. But for some reason, saying I’m sorry in every way imaginable wasn’t enough for the Islamists.

So what did they do? These Islamist jerks who couldn’t take I’m sorry for an answer, pushed the envelope, and continued to riot causing damage, injuries and deaths.

This wasn’t lost on the average person in our Western Democracies who don’t feel all that compelled to be politically correct. And whose reaction to the Moslem threats will weigh heavily on who they (we) will vote for in their (our) future elections.

The Western Media have been very generous to the Islamists, since they could have shown a great more detail of the placards the Islamists held high in their demonstrations.

Here’s just a few messages on signs that were carried by Islamists in our Western cities:

Death To The Unbelievers.

Your 9/11 Is Coming.

Islam Is The Only Religion.

Death To Freedom Of Speech.

Freedom Go To Hell.

Europe Is The Cancer. Islam Is The Answer.

Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam.

Islam Will Dominate The World.

Be Prepared For The Real Holocaust.

The conventional Media better learn sooner rather than later, that self-censorship is no longer viable in keeping the word from getting out, since the Internet has become the TRUE KEEPER OF THE TRUTH.

And this ugly Islamist truth is far too important to keep from the people (us).

Had the Islamists had their say in the Mohamed Cartoons, and then dispersed to their “normal” lives, and out of our faces, that would have been that. But they were too stupid.

Instead of accepting an undeserved public relation’s victory, they chose rather to take strength from our Media and government apologists, and pushed too far.

Seeing Islamists threatening us in our own streets in Canada, the USA and Europe got the attention of the people the Islamists would best want to avoid.

We can read signs that say “Your 9/11 is Coming”. And we don’t need an interpreter to tell us what that means.

They just can’t seem to get it into their thick heads that the Media and the government of Western societies are nothing more than representatives of the people, unlike within their own culture where power radiates from the top-down.

Once a momentum to confront the Islamists begins to build from our Western grass roots, the Islamist purveyors of threats and demands from us for special treatment will realize the consequences of their actions.

Whether our Western governments and timid Media like it or not, they will be drawn into the battle following the will of the people. And for the Islamists, none of this is good.

It’s easy to take to the streets with threatening signs when there is no one to confront you. It’s easy to take to the airwaves delivering hate-filled speeches when there is no one to say boo.

But it is an entirely different matter to do these things when a really fed-up and hostile opposition is more than ready and willing to do whatever they feel has to be done to end this nonsense and protect the essence of Democracy.

And we’re not far from it.

The Arab/Moslems think they’re tough. But if they’re so tough; how come some 300 million of them who have a hatred for Israel that goes beyond description, are no match for Israel’s Jewish population of 5 million, in any category? Especially militarily?

Saddam Hussein threatened the USA with the “Mother of all Battles”, and that the desert will run red with American blood. But when bullets began to fly in earnest, it didn’t take more than a few days for the entire Iraqi military to collapse like a house made of playing cards.

The Middle Eastern Arabs and Moslems are the most self-deluded people on this planet, who actually believe the crap they want us to believe. And because they sincerely believe their own propaganda, they will walk themselves into a storm beyond their imagination.

As a service announcement to the Islamists:

Enjoy your Democratic Freedom to practice your religion as you want to in our Secular societies. Learn how to play by Western rules. And get out of our face. What can be less complicated than that?

The alternative is nothing they will want to experience.

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  1. Good commentary. I listen to the news daily and the so called “experts’ views”. I have to chuckle. I have my own view and it is very simple. “We are exactly where we need to be as relates to “Bible Prophecy”. If one wants to chuckle at that, so be it.

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