And The Oscar Goes To Murderers

Of what need would I have to witness yet another Jew-hater, or more Jew-haters receive accolades for his or their artistry against Jews?


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If you want to know just how far this Politically Correct and Leftist obscenity has gone, look at the Golden Globe Awards which chose “Paradise Now” as the Year’s Best Foreign Language Film.

And then look at the Oscars which has also nominated “Paradise Now” for its Best Foreign Language Film.

For those of you who do not know:

“Paradise Now” is a sympathetic movie about two Palestinian guys planning their suicide murder of Jews in Israel. The movie follows them and their personal trials and tribulations on their travels to commit murder.

You might need to know more about this movie. But I don’t!

This is the same movie that has been played long before we even had the ability to capture images and sounds. It goes back to, and far beyond productions produced by the likes of Shakspere, who created the Jewish money-hungry loan-shark he called Shylock.

Of what need would I have to witness yet another Jew-hater, or more Jew-haters receive accolades for his or their artistry against Jews?

This movie would be akin to following two “fine” young German men of Hitler Youth in the 1940’s, as they plan the murder of German Jews.

I am absolutely certain that a seasoned screen writer and director, the likes of Michael Moore or Stephen Spielberg for example, would be able to show these two young German men to be outstanding citizens, who were driven to despair by the nasty Jews who were taking over their country.

They could be portrayed as normal young men going to school, playing sports, doing household chores and discovering love as normal people do.

With a magical ability at storytelling, someone like Spielberg could show tenderness in their families, and real concern for one another as they celebrate happy events, and commiserate tragedies, just like you and me.

The audience would know that it was wrong to murder Jews. But at the very least, there would finally be some kind of perspective and understanding from the other side.

It’s easy to put a sympathetic face on a monster. Even Hitler, Eichmann, and Dr Mengele had tender sides. Hitler was a vegetarian, loved art and cried when his dog died.

Yasser Arafat, the murderer of thousands probably had a benign and loving side too. Im certain that it is only a matter of time until someone makes the movie that will make Arafat a Freedom Fighter to be admired.

It isn’t remarkable at all, that Liberal Leftists revel in this vulgarity that gives a heart and soul to murderers of Jews and capitalist innocents, since that is what the Left seem to love to do most.

What is remarkable though, is how many Jews in the Motion Picture Industry, and Jewish Intellectuals go along with it.

As I have written in the past: What we are witnessing today, is the exact same mind-set that sent 6 MILLION European Jews to their deaths, and drove the world to a war that caused the deaths of almost 60 MILLION people, and the suffering of untold numbers.

To try to humanize murderers of Jews and other innocents, and give them any sympathetic understanding is beyond reason. But to give them international awards, legitimizing who and what they are, and the evil they’ve done and do, surpasses all logic.

Here is a strange concept:

As far as I’m concerned; any individual or group that offers any legitimacy to TERRORISTS and murderers, is just as complicit in the crime as the actual perpetrators.

In this respect, there are a great many Western Leftists, Liberals and Jewish Elitists whose hands are dripping with blood.

The coming conflagration and all of the pain that will precede it will be on them.

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  1. Perhaps not nice to think or say…but it seems to be the only truth?
    The only Bad and Evil Enemy is a Dead Bad and Evil Enemy, so that one can sleep at night without having to keep one eye open all the time!
    The Lord did say: “Forgive your enemies.” But he did not say whether they had to be alive or dead!

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