Putin Is A Throwback To Stalin

Putin's invitation to Islamist murderers of Jews is far more disturbing and reaching than just poor judgement or political correctness taken too far.


If I was a Russian, I’d be very worried by the fact that their President, Vladimir Putin, has insulted Palestinians by calling all of them liars. After-all, we know how Arabs act when they are offended. Just ask the Danes.

Under what circumstances did Putin insult the Palestinians you ask?

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be hosting Hamas, the Palestinian TERRORIST government in-waiting.

Hamas is also an Islamist organization whose other goal, other than killing all the Jews in Israel, is to create a Palestinian Theocracy akin to the Islamic State of Iran.

Israel is outraged by this invited state-visit. The USA is none too pleased either. As for the EU, who knows, since they change their perspective on a near daily basis. But at least Germany, Italy and a few others aren’t happy about it. And that’s somewhat refreshing.

But for Putin and his Russian government, hosting Palestinian murderers as guests of state is no problem, since according to Putin, Hamas is not a TERRORIST organization.

Now there’s the part where Putin is calling Palestinians liars.

As unlikely as it is: Perhaps Putin and all of his Russian advisors can not read Arabic. Therefore, how could they possibly know that Hamas is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jewish Israelis, the maiming of thousands more through acts of TERROR, and are sworn to the annihilation of the Jewish state?

If ignorance is Putin’s excuse, he could be forgiven.

But, if Putin is aware of Hamas’ real intentions, but doesn’t believe them, he is calling the Palestinians liars.

And there’s a much bigger BUT:

If Putin knows all about Hamas. Which he does. And that he doesn’t think Hamas is a TERRORIST organization as he stated. The only conclusion I can reach from this, is that Putin doesn’t believe the murder of Israeli Jews is a TERRORIST crime.

And that the violent end of the state of Israel, as is sworn by Hamas, is no big deal.

Putin’s invitation to Islamist murderers of Jews is far more disturbing and reaching than just poor judgement or political correctness taken too far. It shows a Russian kindred spirit with murderers.

Putin is no friend to Democracy. No friend to the West. And by all means; he is no friend to Israel.

If anything, he is a throwback to Jew-hating Russian thugs, who for centuries have dominated Russian politics, and is far more akin to Stalin, than he is to Mikhail Gorbachev, the Father of Glasnost.

As if all of this was not disturbing enough, Putin, is one of the four decision makers (the Quartet) responsible for determining the Road Map to Peace.

On one hand, Putin is supposedly an “honest” peace broker between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And on the other hand, Putin invites self-admitted murderers of Jews into his “home”, and says they are not TERRORISTS.

Just like Middle Eastern Arabs and Islamists can’t help but be who they are; neither can the Russians.

The Israelis need no reminder from me to illustrate to them, just how vulnerable they are. They also need no one to tell them who their enemies are. They know better than anyone.

But the rest of the world needs to know.

That Russia is giving full international legitimacy to the elected Palestinian TERRORISTS, whose only Israel policy, is Israel’s annihilation, is really nothing new for Russia.

It’s that he knows their true intentions, and doesn’t think they’re TERRORISTS that is too bad.

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  1. Screw the Gaza Strip. Tell all those radicals to leave, take their belongings they can, and just get out! Israel should take over that area again, and make the Whole Nation of Israel safe once more. They fought for that land-they deserve it.

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