Hey – This Is My Country – So Don’t Screw With It.

The best we can do is negotiate how many rights we will be able to maintain in lieu of their right to be our permanent guests.


Here is a true story. At least the first part about our property is:

Anne and I bought a lovely house in an Ontario farming community about one hour from Montreal. About one hour from Ottawa. And less than one hour from Messina New York.

The house originally sat on 3.3 acres of mostly scrub. But since buying the property in the year 2000, we purchased an additional 7 acres from a neighbor. And for as long as we have lived on the property, Anne and I have labored with love to dig out tons of rocks and stones from our fields.

We planted far more than 1000 tress. And we groomed the riverbank and pond.

We built a wonderful 4 stall barn, fenced in all of the original acreage creating three great paddocks for the horses, and planted an incredible 7 acre hayfield with various types of hay which we feed to the horses depending on the season.

With my own two hands, I built a real working village with water, electricity, satellite television, phone, highspeed Internet, street signs and a working street lamp. This is my personal fun-place.


Someone contacts me who says he’s a fan of what I write and what I say, and wants to visit our home and see the farm.

They’ve heard about the horses, the dog and the cats. And they want to able to see and touch them. So much so, that they plead for an invitation to visit.

This by the way, happens to me all the time. But out of concern for privacy and safety for ourselves and our animals, we always respectfully decline to invite people over who we don’t know. But I digress:

My fan shows up with his wife and kids. They’re in awe of our property and the animals. And they turn out to great guests who are respectful and grateful for the chance to visit.

They say thank you for the visit and leave.

A short while later, they call and ask to visit again. This time though, they want to show their true appreciation by bringing a meal. So, remembering how nice they were in their first visit, Anne and I say yes.

This visit goes well too.

And then we get another call asking if it would be possible for them to visit once again, but this time with a “few” relatives, and maybe a friend or two. But don’t worry, they’ll bring all the food and beverages to make a great Bar B Q.

And so they do.

The guests are still nice and respectful. But we’re now thinking that they’re taking advantage of our hospitality. And this has to be the last time.

And then one day, the guests show-up unannounced with a whole bunch of people, and start showing the property as if it’s their own.

People get into the paddocks and try to mount the horses. They set up a picnic, and feed our dog who is never given people-food. And their kids chase our cats.

We go into the house and find people we don’t know, who are putting their food into our refrigerator, screwing with our satellite television, and reading stuff that I’ve put on my computer.

And when we say to the original guest, that this is unacceptable, and we want these people off the property and out of our life; he says that he can’t insult them by asking them to leave.


So Anne and I call all of these people together, and politely ask them to pack-up and hit the road. But they say no.

They like it on our property, and they’re not about to leave. And more than that, they want to make changes to our property for a lifestyle that would better suit them. And they’ve invited even more of their family and friends to “visit”.

So we call the police. And when the police arrive, our unwanted “guests” complain that it was us who were belligerent. And they press charges against us for not living up to our commitment to allow them access to our property.

Hearing our unwelcome guests’ complaint, the police tell us that there is nothing they can do because it’s a civil matter. We’ll have to get a court order to have them removed.

But it takes months before the courts will even set a date. In the meantime, we can hardly recognize our property. Our horses, dog and cats are stressed-out to the max.

And more of their friends and family are arriving every day. My fun- village seems to have become their town hall. And several times a day we’re told to be silent so they can practice their religion on our property.

Finally, We get our day in court. And the court rules against us.

In the court’s judicial wisdom: Since Anne and I had willingly opened our property on several occasions to these “guests” without any preconditions, We have created an unambiguous right for these guests to occupy our property.

Therefore; the best we can do is negotiate how many rights we will be able to maintain in lieu of their right to be our permanent guests.

More than that, the judge starts to mumble something about our obligation to feed, shelter, and clothe these guests, since as long as they’re on our property, we have a responsibility for their welfare.

Pretty soon, a Leftist group becomes involved in a legal action demanding that it is unfair that so many people on our property have so few rights, and they should be given decision making status in keeping with their unique characteristics.

After-which, a committee is formed which decides that the horses take up too much space. And that the manure they produce is a health threat to the children. A vote is taken, and the horses must be relocated to another farm.

But now that there are no longer any horses, of what need is the 7 acre hayfield or the 3 paddocks?

So a new committee decides how that the 7 acre hayfield and the paddocks can be better used to build homes for the guests and a small community center for their children.

Out of complete desperation, we beg our Federal Member of Parliament, our Provincial Member of Parliament, and our Town Councilor to help us.

Unfortunately though, between Anne and myself, we have only two votes compared to the many votes of our unwanted guests.

So in true political style, all three government representatives side with the guests, who get an injunction for Anne and myself to either get along or leave the property.

This is of course fiction. It has never happened to Anne and myself.

But what is not fiction, is that it is happening everyday in every community throughout North America and around the world.

Unless we do something about it now, we will sooner rather than later become the guests in our own home.

Think about it.

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  1. I have yet to find one of your editorials that I don’t agree with.
    Israel has to go all the way and wipe them out once and for all. They are blamed for what ever so they have nothing to lose. It cannot afford to have a repetition of the events every couple of years. Israel made many mistakes in the past like when Peres brought Arafat out of exile in Tunisia to talk peace or for not annexing the West Bank after 1967. The world always blames but after it is thankful. So go Israel go. We love you.

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