Whew – Being Constantly Outraged Is A Full Time Job.

How can any societies, such as those in the Arab/Moslem world ever hope to become successful, when being constantly outraged is the most important social issue on their agenda?


In the West, a great many people become angry over different social, work related and political issues. Many of whom take their anger to the streets.

They march, chant, bang on drums, make speeches, and then go home.

It appears though, that the average protesting Islamist makes public rage a way of life. It’s like a business.

He worries about what he’s going to wear for today’s outrage.

Will it be hot, cold or rainy? He’d have to tune-in the local morning radio show to catch the weather forecast for whichever outrage location he plans to attend.

And then there’s the concern for traffic jams caused by morning martyr operations. Car bombs and the such.

Then he’ll plan for lunch. Does he schlepp along a brown bag? Or does he hope to find something at the falafel-stand?

And when he resumes his outrage after lunch, where will he find the appropriate rock(s) to throw? And whose going to supply the afternoon Molotov Cocktail? Or should he have stopped off on the way to get some of his own gas in a jar with a schmatah wick?

And what about bullets? Will he have enough bullets for his AK47, which he got as a Ramadan gift from his loving friends and family? Or should he call the neighbor and see if he could borrow some?

What about supper? Should he go home to have supper? Or should he have a bite with the boys over a burning tire?

These are all important issues he has to carefully plan for. After-all, how can he be able to look at himself in the mirror if he doesn’t do his part, day in and day out, to show the outrage of his people to further their standard of living?

Everyone gets pissed-off from time to time. EVEN WESTERNERS.

But Islamists make a career out of it.

Forget about making a living and paying the mortgage or rent.

Groceries: No big deal – some international charity will make certain that the protestor’s huge family will be fed.

As for the well-being of the children. It seems that seeing, hearing, and living with outrage is the best example any father can pass-on to his children in this culture.

But what happens when the reason for the outrage is played-out? Luckily, in the Islamist’s world, there’s always an outrage.


Just this week; West Bank Israelis had a vicious confrontation with their own police, where hundreds of people on both sides were injured. Some seriously.

In response to the altercation, TENS OF THOUSANDS of impassioned Israelis, most of them young, took to the streets to protest.

There were placards, banners, noise makers, megaphones and a great many speech-makers.

But there were no rocks, guns fired into the air, burning flags or tires. And there were no chants to murder anyone.

And after a short while, the Israeli demonstration ended as peacefully as it had begun. And everyone went back to their jobs, schools, and the business of raising their families.

How can any societies, such as those in the Arab/Moslem world ever hope to become successful, when being constantly outraged seems to be the most important social issue on their agenda?

The other question: How can any society in the West take them seriously, when chanting, shooting, burning things and constantly being outraged on the street is what they seem mostly to be about?

How indeed can anyone take them seriously?

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  1. Kudos again for a great article, as usual! Agree with every word of it, especially #4! About all we can do at this point.

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