People Who Ignore History Are Condemned To Repeat It.

The question is this: Will a Churchillian-like figure come forward before it is too late?


As I wrote in my last Editorial and Broadcast (The Media Is The Biggest Loser: Saturday, February 4, 2006), the Media is tying itself into knots, not to say or write anything that would “provoke” even more Moslem outrage.

One of the most ridiculous things I heard so far, was uttered on FOX News last night (February 6, 2006), when one of their political panelists stated that there was equivalence between the Mohamed cartoons and the resultant Moslem riots and killings.

How in the world can anyone find equivalence between political cartoons and murders? Or more appropriately: political cartoonists and murderers?

How can anyone in the Western Media find fault with political cartoons that lampoon a religious icon (Mohamed), in whose name the most despicable crimes are committed against humanity?

And then suggest that the cartoons are somehow on the same level as the hordes of individuals who set fire to buildings, riot, and kill in the name of the lampooned icon (Mohamed)?

Doesn’t the violent actions of the “offended” Islamists give absolute credibility to the cartoons that have them so riled-up? After-all, look at how the Islamists are “defending” the name of Mohamed.

But there is far more to it than that. What we are living is a repeat of history.

If you’re under 75 years old or so, until now, you can only wonder, based upon what we’ve heard or read about how Germany’s Nazis were so utterly successful in their quest to intimidate a whole continent into submission.

Now we’re seeing exactly how it was done. Instead of Nazis threatening Europe, we have Islamists threatening the planet.

And the way the decent side of global humanity is dealing with this Islamist threat today, is almost identical to the way the decent side of European humanity dealt with the Nazi threat several generations ago.

The question is this. Will a Churchillian-like figure come forward before it is too late?

We in the West have become so politically correct, that we do whatever we can not to see imminent danger.

We hope without reason, that the enemy, whose sole goal is to destroy our culture to be replaced by their’s, is not really as determined to do us in as the say they are.

They say they’re going to kill us. We don’t believe them. They do kill us. And we say that it’s just a radical fringe.

The planet never supported Israel, because Islamists were the exclusive problem of the Jews. And the Jews must have done something to invite the wrath of Islam. Why else would most of the Arab and Moslem world declare war on the Jewish state?

JEWISH COMPROMISE has been the Liberal Secular world’s solution for the conflict in the Middle East. But Israel did compromise. And what has it done for Israel?

Now we hear the same mantra from the Secular Western world, this time though, about their own future.

“Let’s not make the situation worse. The cartoonists should never have drawn what they did. And the publishers of the offending newspapers should never have put them into print”.

This is how our somewhat less than stalwart media leaders and politicians deal with an overt threat to the very fibre of Freedom of Speech and our Democratic culture.

We’re no less prepared to face and confront a threatening danger today; this time from the Islamists, then we were 70 years ago from the Nazis.

It is remarkable how we know our history, and yet learn so little from it.

History doesn’t pose the question of whether or not we will have to fight the Islamists for our very survival?

The ONLY question history asks is when?

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  1. Great article – sometimes we feel a hopelessness. The majority of the people are patriots, love our country & what we stand for, however, they sit in their recliners and do NOTHING. SILENCE is not an option.

    Do I stand on the street corner and scream? Seems unfruitful

    For me –
    I do Run For The Wall and stand for the POW / MIA’s of all wars
    I am committed to do Never Again Pledge Rides
    I am currently on Hoka Hey – to stand for the Native Americans

    Time to put up or shut up, time & m

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