The Media Is The Biggest Loser.

What kind of protectors are these Media phonies, if they run away and hide under the guise of political correctness, only because a bunch of Islamic social neanderthals say boo?

The Secular and Judeo/Christian West has not declared war on Islam. But Islam has declared war on the West. And through their cowardly silence, the Western Media is aiding and abetting the enemy.

Yesterday (February 3, 2006), I wrote about Islam’s big problem with several political cartoons illustrating the Moslem prophet Mohamed, and how CNN wouldn’t show them for fear of insulting Islamists.

But CNN wasn’t alone. Virtually no major Western Media published those cartoons.

The cartoons in themselves, by Western standards are in fact pretty tame. But, to Islamic standards, they were sacrilegious and reason enough to declare JIHAD. Demanding the death, maiming and butchery of the cartoonists.

There are two critical issues within this event.

The first, and not the more important of the two, is that this cartoon incident shows the real extent of the intolerant, extreme and dangerous face of Islam.

We aren’t just seeing Islamic hot-heads or religious Moslem fundamentalists going ape-shit over these cartoons. Instead, what we’re seeing are supposedly “moderate” Western Arab/Moslems going nuts too.

Even Egypt and the Saudi Kingdom are throwing their elbows in this so-called provocation. And they’re supposed to be the “real” reliable Arab friends to the West.

The Islamic reaction to the cartoons is no surprise to me, since I expect nothing more and nothing less from Islamists. But what really bothers me, is the Media’s response in the West.

Several European Newspapers across the EU have told the Islamists to screw-off, and have republished the cartoons as an in-your-face gesture.

Other than American Right of Center Radio Talk Show Hosts, who are tearing a strip off the Islamists: who else in the North American mainstream Media are showing our Western outrage to the Islamists demand that we sack Freedom of Speech.


If our usually big mouth Media are too scared to take-on the Islamists in this issue, what message does this send to the Islamists?


I support the Media’s right to publish and air their opinions virtually any way they want to.

I support their right to be biased, just like they are horribly biased against Israel, because a Free and Secure Media is our greatest protection for our Democracy.

But, what kind of protectors are these Media phonies, if they run away and hide under the guise of political correctness, only because a bunch of Islamic social neanderthals say boo?

As I previously wrote in this piece; I’m not at all disappointed in the actions of the Islamists since they’re doing and saying what they do and say as a matter of course.

But our “venerable” Media? What a bunch of tough-talking chicken-shit losers. They only talk tough when they have nothing, and no one to fear.

In spite of our spineless Media though: Let the Islamists keep up the pressure.

Let them keep threatening the European Media and European countries.

Let them have so much rope, that when they finally hang themselves, they’ll be swinging in the wind like a Mexican pinata, just waiting to get whacked wide open.

As for our less than brave North American Media; when the danger will have finally passed, and the passions will have cooled down somewhat, these holier-than-thou yellowbellies will lead the charge to criticize all those who’ve been at the Media forefront, beating back the Barbarians before they could breach the gates to Freedom of Speech.

In spite of this nonetheless; I still believe that Freedom of Speech is our greatest security. And that Freedom of the Press is the best guardian we have for Democracy.

It’s just too bad that most of our Media guardians are little more than tough-talking cowardly schmucks.

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  1. Only a fool fails to understand that if you pick a fight, you’re likely to get your nose bloodied – and possibly your butt kicked for your trouble. By the same token, the only cure to stop a bully is to put him down.
    There’s great wisdom in the old adage that good fences make good neighbors – and it applies to nations and states, just as to people.

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