A Tale Of Two People.

The world has given the Palestinians the opportunity (on a silver platter) to build a nation.


In 1948, the United Nations gave the State of Israel nation status.

Within moments of the international proclamation pronouncing Israel to be a sovereign nation, all of Israel’s Arab/Moslem neighbors declared war, promising to drive the Jews into the sea.

The Israeli Jews, many of whom were true refugees (unlike the pretend Palestinian refugees) and Survivors from Nazi Europe and the death camps, were out-manned and out-gunned.

The Israeli army at that time was virtually non existent, and those few who were experienced soldiers from the Diaspora didn’t hesitate to charge headlong into harm’s way to rebuild a national dream, and save the Jewish people from another Holocaust.

But it didn’t start in 1948.

Israel became a nation with laws, social apparatus and infrastructure 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. Much of that history has been well preserved in writings and archeological finds.

But, it isn’t necessary to go back some 3,000 years.

In 1901, with the help of Theodore Herzl, the International Jewish Community known as the Diaspora, established the Jewish National Fund (JNF) for the purpose of buying desolate land from Arabs willing to sell, in what would eventually become Israel.

And in addition to purchasing this territory governed by the British, the JNF started the process of landscape reclamation by planting trees, and building water systems to nourish a parched and unforgiving land.

105 years later, Jews from all over the world financed the planting of more than 240 MILLION trees, and contributed to the development of water management programs which guarantees a vibrant agricultural economy with more than enough water to supply the needs of its own population, and the so-called Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza.

From nothing: Israeli Jews with massive support from the Diaspora, built a modern-day paradise that has more proud achievements in every category, than I have time to list in this Editorial.

It must also be noted, that the greatness of Israel was achieved under the constant threat of being wiped-out by their Arab neighbors. Israel fought 5 wars for it’s survival, plus the current Intifada.

It is also no secret that the entire world-body, less the United States and a handful of other countries have not been a friend to Israel. And truth be told, most countries on this planet would rather see a Middle East without a Jewish state.

I think that applies to just about all of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. And in spite of political blustering, Canada has also been no real friend to Israel.


The world has given the Palestinians the opportunity (on a silver platter) to build a nation.

Not only has the entire world (less the USA) turned a blind eye to Palestinian TERROR and the murder of Jews, they’ve also chose not to see how Palestinians have done-in other Palestinians.

The Arab world, with its enormous oil wealth, has also not done much for their Palestinian Arab “brothers and sisters”. They’ve given the Palestinians some charitable money, but not the type of money it takes to build a nation.

The Palestinian Authority has stolen most of what the world has given to them, and instead of building workable infrastructures, developing their own electricity, water systems and sewage, they chose instead to finance militias, and keep off-shore personal bank accounts.

Instead of establishing a vibrant modern educational system where their children should learn to excel in the sciences, mathematics, healthcare and the humanities, they preferred to teach their children how to hate Jews, Israel and the USA.

I’ve been to Israel. And I’ve been to the Palestinian Territories. I’ve seen for myself what the Israelis have been able to accomplish with nothing. And I’ve seen the social disaster the Palestinians have brought upon themselves.

And I ask: Why can’t the rest of the world see it too?

Given the recent opportunity to elect a Secular progressive government, the Palestinians once again made the wrong choice by electing Islamic Theocratic TERRORISTS.

This time though; it should be quite hard for the nations of the world to look away. But why would I not be surprised if they did?

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  1. BRAVO! once again!Absolutely correct assessments that are tragically not read by the masses…sometimes I wonder IF they can read or do they just watch the Gossip shows and or “read’ the Entertainment rag magazines!! We need YOU on the front page, period!Clueless Obama’s constant jet-setting life to be with gullible celebrities, is deplorable and continues to be ALL lies as his crass, common, no-character, morals or integrity continues to threaten OUR USA by the minute!THANK YOU!

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