Our Lack Of Energy Alternatives Is Our Greatest Enemy.

Not only are we fighting a world war against Islamists. They're fighting against us with our own money. And they're buying us out in our own country.


I awoke this morning to read in Canada’s National Post Newspaper, that a Saudi Prince (one of thousands) just spent part of his fortune to purchase Canada’s Luxury Fairmont Hotel chain for $3.9 BILLION US.

This Prince’s name is Alwaleed bin Talal. He is very generous in his support of establishing Islamic centers at Western universities.

He is also famous in North America as the Saudi Prince who offered Mayor Giuliani $10 million in charity after 9/11.

What made him REALLY famous, was not this gesture, but Mayor Giuliani’s response to him to take a hike with his money, after the Prince tried to tie America’s support for Israel as some sort of justification for the TERRORIST attack on 9/11.

This multi billion dollar purchase is a big deal by any standard in the Hospitality industry, in which Anne and I are very much invested. And it got me thinking.

The Saudis will not do business with Jews.

No religion is tolerated in the Saudi Kingdom other than Islam. And practicing any other religion is a criminal offence.

Foreign workers in the Saudi Kingdom practice their non Moslem religious beliefs behind closed doors. Or else.

Non Moslems are not permitted to step foot in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. And Jews are not allowed in the Kingdom under any circumstances.

Women are not allowed basic freedoms. They’re forbidden to work beside men. They are not allowed to drive. They are forbidden to make social, political or business decisions. And they aren’t even permitted to show their faces in public.

So how does a Saudi Prince square all of those circles in a Secular country like Canada?

Will the Prince hire women and allow them to be treated equal to men as is mandated by Canadian law?

Will Jews be allowed to work in his Hotels? Or will they be denied access, even as guests?

Will non Moslem religious groups be allowed to hold religious meetings and celebrations in the Hotels function rooms?

What will the Saudi Prince do with his Canadian made profits?

Will he fund TERRORISTS? Will he take any part of this money to fund Madrases, where hatred for Modernity, Democracy, the West, Jews and Israel are taught, just like we teach the 3 R’s?

We already know that the Prince has already been a financial supporter to the likes of the Egyptian born father of modern TERRORISM Yasser Arafat.

So where do you think this Saudi Prince got all of this money with which to buy Canada’s most exclusive Hotel chain? From us. That’s where.

Not necessarily from us directly. But from all of us nonetheless, simply because of how our governments do not mandate energy saving principles, or invest in energy alternatives.

Not only are we fighting a world war against Islamists. They’re fighting against us with our own money. And they’re buying us-out in our own country.

And this isn’t just happening in Canada. The entire Western world is being bought-up lock, stock and barrel by Middle Eastern Arabs with our very own Canadian, American and Euro currencies which we send to them in obscene amounts in exchange for their oil.

Are we jerks or what?

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  1. Netanyahu hopefully has reached a point where he simply doesn’t give a crap what Obama and the American left have to say. No other world leaders do. Putin certainly doesn’t.

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