Hamas Victory Can Change Everything For The Better.

By all measurements, the Palestinians had every reason to be proud of this achievement. But a very strange thing happened on the road to Ramallah.

Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister and current leader of Likud can say I TOLD YOU SO!

Unlike so many people who are bemoaning this Hamas victory, I’m celebrating it, only because the mask of civility has finally come off the Palestinians, and a real debate on who is legitimate in the disputed land can begin.

The Chinese proverb states: Be careful for what you ask. You just might get it.

No one understands this better than the Palestinian apologists who’ve made an industry of blaming Israel for all the shortcomings of the Palestinians.

But more than that. If there is a real loser in all of this, it’s US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who FORCED Israel to allow Hamas to participate in this Palestinian election. And coerced Israel into allowing the election to happen at all.

And if there is a political winner, it’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who said all along, that giving in to Palestinians will be a show of weakness and an invitation to the Palestinians to become even that much more belligerent.

Before this Palestinian election, everyone was writing-off Netanyahu as yesterday’s man, while all but proclaiming a Kadima Party victory in the upcoming March elections.

Guess who’s looking good now?

On January 25, 2006, the Palestinians went to the polls in what was by all accounts an absolutely open and Democratic election free from intimidation. Even former US President Jimmy Carter put his personal seal of approval on the process.

The voter turnout was nothing short of spectacular at 85% of eligible voters.

And by all measurements, the Palestinians had every reason to be proud of this achievement. But a very strange thing happened on the road to Ramallah.

The wrong side won.

Given the opportunity to vote for a party that promised to be responsible for the social needs of the people, and which would lead the beleaguered Palestinian people into a real peace treaty with Israel, they instead chose to vote for MURDERERS.

It’s not as if a few Palestinians voted for the TERRORIST group Hamas. The majority voted for these thugs who’ve made their reputation by murdering Jewish innocents wherever they could find them.

But this isn’t a loss for Israel.

If anything, the victory of TERRORIST Hamas opens the door for Israel to continue doing whatever has to be done to eliminate their vicious enemies without listening to the anti-Semitic Europeans and the equally global anti-Semitic Leftist brigades.

Maybe now, Israel can finally start defending itself without one hand tied behind its back.

I find it interesting how the Western media is doing back-flips to explain how the majority of Palestinian voters chose Hamas (Murder Incorporated) to be their “legitimate” government.

According to the likes of CNN, the Palestinian people didn’t really vote for Hamas. What they REALLY did, was vote against Fatah.

Now that’s an interesting spin.

I watched as many newscasts of the Hamas victory as I could. And in each one, I saw a sea of Green Hamas flags carried high, and waved vigorously by deliriously happy demonstrators, accompanied by the “traditional” celebratory Arab gunfire.

You know – like “normal” people celebrate a political victory with AK 47’s.

Pretty soon, the “Democratic” Hamas government will begin the process of stripping away the rights of all Palestinians, not to mention silencing the opposition, only because that’s Democracy Middle Eastern Arab-style.

And hopefully, just as soon, the rest of the world will stop apologizing for Palestinians, and more importantly, they’ll stop blaming Israel for Palestinian failures.

Of the many benefits of this Hamas victory: one is to finally shine a bright light on the ugly truth, that the Palestinians are just not worth the anguish they cause.

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  1. Agree entirely with your views. Thing is that you are equating arabs to Jews. Mistake I think.
    10th cty vs 21first.

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