The Clock Is Ticking To The Day When Israel Might Be No More.

Not believing what Iran has to say is inexcusable, since history tells us to believe.

Iran is a Theocracy sworn to murder Jews in Israel, and spread its vision of a world dominated by its particular Shiite belief in Islam.

Iran is also the world’s most active TERRORIST supporting state, providing money, training, logistics, weapons and a safe haven for those eager to murder Jews in Israel and all other Infidels.

That’s pretty much all we really have to know about Iran. Everything else is irrelevant to what has to be done to stop the mad Islamists from realizing their global ambitions.

I can hear the Leftists moaning and groaning at what I just wrote. After-all, isn’t there an underground Iranian movement promoting Democracy in the Shiite State? And aren’t many young Iranians pro American and pro modernity?

Yes. According to much of what we read and hear, there are many pro American and pro modernists amongst the younger generation in Iran. And an underground pro Democracy movement too.


In pre Hitler Germany, Germany was a functioning Democracy. In pre World War Two Nazi Germany, there was a strong Free Press and opposition movement. And during World War Two, there were many Germans who hated the Nazis as much as the Allies.


The fact that all Germans, perhaps even most, weren’t Nazis or genocidal Holocaust participants didn’t change what was.

And just like Nazi Germany, the “good-guys” in Iran are virtually irrelevant and won’t change what’s happening there either.

Some of Israel’s Doves are saying that the threat from Iran has global consequences, and therefore must be settled by the United Nations through the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and the Security Council.

These Israeli Doves would do well to remember that the IAEA watched helplessly as Pakistan and North Korea developed their nuclear arsenals. And only a short while ago, the Security Council was chaired by Syria: of all nations.

The Doves should also remember that had it been up to these useless international institutions, and not up to Israel’s Air Force in 1981, Iraq would have nuclear weapons and this would be a very different world.

As each day passes, Israel is becoming more and more vulnerable to its own national destruction. Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, and all the other groups which represent the Islamic Brotherhood are on the march.

And unlike yesterday, when Israel was able to launch its magnificent military to do battle and defeat the armies and air-forces of its enemy nation neighbors, there are no conventional armies with which to do battle against in this new war.

In this vicious war against TERRORISM, it is hard to target a nation to fight, even though it is no secret as to which nations are the life-line to the TERRORISTS.


The only thing left for the Islamists and Israel’s Arab neighbors to do, to kill Israel and the 5.5 million Jews who live there, is for the rest of the world and Israeli Doves to do nothing.

The threat is clear. And it is imminent.

Israel is completely surrounded by implacable foes which play by their own rules, who have proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, that nothing, no matter how despicable it might be, is beneath them in their quest to destroy modernity, democracy and the Jewish state.

For Israel to survive this crisis, there is only one option: Take out the Iranian and Syrian threats by wiping out the Iranian and Syrian war machines, their capacity to support TERRORIST groups, and most of all; Iran’s nuclear capability.

For Israel to wait for goodwill from the IAEA and the Security Council, would be the same as when Germany’s Jews hoped for goodwill from Adolf Hitler and those closest to him in 1939.

The clock is ticking and the days are passing.

If Israel wants not to see its time run out. And wants to see another day. Israel should think long and hard about trusting the goodwill of the anti-Semitic world and the real threat it faces from hundreds of millions of its hostile Arab neighbors including more than 1 BILLION Moslems worldwide.

And most of all – Iran.

Iran is the new Nazi Germany of the 21st century. The world and the European Jewish community of 1939 might be excused for not believing what Hitler said he would do once he came to power.

Who could have imagined?

But not believing what Iran has to say is inexcusable, since history tells us to believe.

Tick-Tock Israel . . . Tick-Tock.

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